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Nicole Savoy vs. Holidead signed for FIGHTLAND

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MLW today announced Nicole Savoy vs. Holiday in a women’s featherweight bout for MLW Fightland on Saturday, Oct. 2 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia and airing nationally on a later date.

A splendid mix of chaos and technical excellence, Holidead has toured around the world, including competing in Japan. Holidead is a popular female fighter with her iconic face paint, making her a face you won’t soon forget. Promising to bring a fury of pain in her MLW debut, Holidead looks to channel “the dark side, which is the best side,” according to the featherweight.

Holidead will be tested as she faces the talented hybrid wrestler, Nicole Savoy. A globetrotting grappler in her own right, Savoy blends technical finesse with Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making her a complex challenge for any adversary. 

Who will make a statement in their debut? Find out at FIGHTLAND on October 2nd in Philadelphia.