Fusion ALPHA Recap: King Muertes Aims To End Tom Lawlor In A Casket Match


Cesar Duran kicks off the episode of Fusion ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) by making his presence known in Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

He said when he was putting tonight’s card together that he felt something was missing. He then calls Philly his renegades ands asks the extremist aficionados what they want to see. We hear the familiar gun shots of 5150 introduce Konnan, Slice Boogie, Rivera and Dr. Julius Smokes. Konnan tells the devious matchmaker that he’s been ducking his calls all week.

The crew introduces themselves and Duran asks if the foursome is high on glue. Konnan makes that clarification before he demands the presence of Los Parks. Konnan takes some digs and it’s not long before the patriach and his sons enter that call. Boogie and Rivera literally get the jump on them as they dive onto the trio. A massive brawl breaks out in the 2300 as officials and Atlas security look to restore order!

Once it does, Tom Lawlor comes out to catch Cesar still in the ring. He makes clear that he got screwed in the Opera Cup and it’s about damn time he’s got treated like a main eventer. Duran asks him what he wants. Lawlor wants a title fight. Duran has a very big main event planned post-Halloween: a casket match with King Muertes for the IWA Puerto Rico Carribean Title!

Before the first match starts, the feed cuts as Mads Krugger blurts in to express that he will lead CONTRA in the War Chamber against Hammerstone. This does beg the question: is there tension in CONTRA as we head into Thursday?

Willow Nightingale & Zoey Skye vs. The
Sea Stars

Skye and Vox start the bout off and it’s Vox who shows the tag savvy with her sister Delmi Exo. They keep the chemistry crisp and quick.

It’s Willow who turns the tide with her athleticism by hitting a thrust kick, a senton and then bodyslams Skye on top of Vox for the near fall.

Willow tags back in Skye who continues that momentum until missing a splash from the top rope. Delmi gets the tag and gets a flurry of offense that is punctuated with a Northern Lights suplex! Two count.

The Sea Stars find a moment of opportunity when they dump Willow to the outside. Suddenly it’s Holidead who emerges from under the ring!

Willow gets dragged under as the unaware Sea Stars hit their Tidal Wave double team for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Sea Stars

Thankfully, this is a friendly rivalry as the Sea Stars and Zoey come to the aid of Willow and pull her free from under the apron.

Alex Kane is claiming that Calvin Tankman will be unable to compete in the semi-finals of the Opera Cup and therefore, The Suplex Assassin is in. The Opera Cup is about to get all this work! To prove such, Kane has issued an open prize fight to any wrestler from any promotion to challenge him.

Hold the phone, Alicia Atout breaks some news and reveals that Calvin Tankman is medically cleared to compete in the Opera Cup. Kane’s quest for the Cup doesn’t look to be happening. How will this news effect his prize fight challenge? We’re about to find out and he’s got a name challenger in Warhorse!

Alex Kane’s Open Prize Fight
Alex Kane (with King Mo) vs. Warhorse

Warhorse rules with jabs to Kane before attempting to ward off King Mo from ringside. Kane tries to attack, but Warhorse has him scouted. The fight gets back into the ring. Kane tries to rock Warhorse’s head off the turnbuckle, but Warhorse knows all about headbanging. He delivers some headbutts to The Suplex Assassin before hitting a big missile dropkick to Kane.

Mo manages to slow the momentum of Warhose by grabbing his leg and Kane takes advantage with an exploder suplex to the corner!

Kane doesn’t relent after this and delivers a pump handle suplex which puts his count up to “2.” Thankfully for Warhorse, that only gets a two count.

Warhorse fights to his feet, but Kane keeps the focus. Kane aims for suplex three, but Warhorse boxes his ears. That phases him briefly before Kane hits a twisting suplex to down the independent star.

Warhorse still fights on and goes back to the headbutts but suplex #4 is hit with a rip chord Olympic Slam.

Kane cements it with a fifth suplex and that’s good for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Alex Kane (Suplex Count: 5)

Post-match, Alicia Atout congratulates Kane on the win, but Atout calls Mo and Kane out for trying to take Tankman’s spot. Kane makes it clear he’s going to take the Opera Cup whether we like it or not.

Tom and Kevin Ku are trying to gameplan for the casket match on a dry erase board. Tom has a chainsaw, a chair, a car and a tank laid out for Muertes. Once Lawlor locks down that casket, he and Kevin are gonna drive off in his poorly sketched wagon. Ku questions all that. As a matter of fact, he questions the Team Filthy alliance all together. Sponsorships are down and he thinks it’s about time for him to go on his own. Tom looks to be on his own too.

Sure enough, the casket is being wheeled out and Tom has his potential fate to fear.

Before that, MLW caught up with Hammerstone as to who will round out. Hammerstone won’t divulge.

We see Alicia Atout with Richard Holliday, who is sort of wrapped still. Holliday reveals that he struck a deal with a Japanese candy company. He asks if Alicia wants a sample and she’s up for it. Holliday goes to the storage closet and opens it to see the new Middleweight Champion TAJIRI chomping down on his product. Richard is mad, but TAJIRI’s madder and Holliday is forced to close the door again.

It’s main event time.

Casket Match
IWA Puerto Rico Caribbean Championship

Tom Lawlor vs. King Muertes

A hooded figure saunters out in front of Muertes. This woman reveals herself to be Karlee Perez who has a storied history with Muertes and a near mystic power over the “Man of 1,000 Deaths.” All while this is going on Lawlor is a man on a (Filthy) island. Perez has incense burning as Muertes presents the skull.

Muertes gets in the ring and the bell sounds. Perez motivates him at ringside, but Tom starts off slugging away until a massive spear takes him off his feet. Muertes pounds his head repeatedly into the mat. TOm fights for his life and then kicks away Muertes. Tom evades him until they get to the casket in which Muertes slams his head against it. He leans the casket against the ring and throws Tom repeatedly into it. Before dropping him with a DDT.

Muertes does get Tom into the casket and tries to close the lid, but Tom fights on by kicking at the ribs of Muertes. He guillotines Muertes on the top rope and it frees Tom to low dropkick Muertes legs before feeding him a knee.

Muertes amazingly looks out as Tom drags him over to the casket. Muertes comes to life until Tom wears him down with punches. Lawlor has him in the casket. Lawlor puts his foot on the lid, but Muertes powers through and punches Filthy Tom until he knocks him off the apron. Muertes crotches Lawlor on the barricade. Lawlor continues to fight, but does get startled by the skull Perez holds. Lawlor has a ringside chair ready to hit Muertes and eventually nails him in the mid section before full out swinging it at Muertes only to nail the casket. Lawlor feels the reverberations and it allows Muertes to powerbomb Tom on top of the casket.

Muertes hammers away at Lawlor in the corner and Tom struggles to hang onto consciousness. Lawlor does get a guillotine choke on Muertes. Perez stands over the casket with the skull and it prompts Muertes to crawl over. Lawlor gets Muertes in the casket but Muertes may have garnered some strength from the skull and chokes Tom back into the ring for a powerslam!

At the very least, Muertes is using the skull for motivation. He charges at Lawlor for another spear but Tom’s MMA savvy allows him to lock in a front guillotine!

Muertes, however powers Tom up for a Straight To Hell! He rolls Tom over and seals the casket shut!

WINNER and STILL IWA Puerto Rico Caribbean Champion: King Muertes

The Caribbean Title almost seems secondary as it was Muertes who may have symbolized the “death” of “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

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