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Fusion ALPHA Recap: Davey Richards Battles Bobby Fish In Opera Cup Semi-Finals

MLW Fusion ALPHA (presented by starts with Emilio Sparks on the beat. He tries to get a word with The Hammerheads, but Hammerstone is geing some gains with a protein bar and Nduka makes clear they gotta go. Sparks approaches Holliday who is chatting with Max on his Air Pods. He runs down Sting not being relevant since The Police and thanks him for his offer to join him in the War Chamber, but he says it’s not necessary. Rich suddenly sees Cesar Duran and his associates and cuts the conversation short.

Duran realizes that Hammerheads need back up in the War Chamber, but Hammer makes it clear they don’t trust him. EJ implores him to stop talking in riddles, but Duran has one more: it all deals with a key around his neck.

Los Parks vs. 5150

This match is supposed to be a trios bout, but there is no sign of LA Park and Dr. Julius Smokes. Word is that Park was attacked outside and it’s not long before we see his attacker: Homicide!

As the odds don’t look even, the patriach of the Park family comes out and they make the exclamation point with stereo suicide dives!

A board gets set up in the ring as El Hijo and Slice Boogie duke it out. El Hijo hits a Code Red for a very near fall. El Hijo gets powerbombed through the table by Boogie, the ref calls for the bell and Park smacks him with a chair shot.

The fight continues as Limelight flies high but so does Los Parks. LA Park and Slice Boogie battle it out and Park gets the better of it with his patented spear!

It turns into a total turf war on the outside! Los Parks go wild with the steer chair on the entryway and it leaves Smokes in convulsions!


The feed cuts and Josef Samael runs down the scumminess of Philadelphia and their tendency to back losers. They do that with Hammerheads, but there will be nowhere to run in the War Chamber.

We get back from break to see the brawl spill into backstage. Jacob Fatu even gets involved, but the big story is 5150 ripping off the mask of El Hijo! LA Park is furious!

Beastman, Kevin Ku, Gino Medina, KC Navarro, Ikuro Kwon & King Mo vs. Zenshi, Warhorse, Savio Vega, Blue Meanie, Richard Holliday & EJ Nduka

This 12-man tag ges underway as expected: in an all-out brawl but matters do get in order as it’s Warhorse and Ku duking it out. Hard shots from Warhorse has him starting off hot, but Ku hits a lung-blower and we have our first elimination.


This has The Judge enter to stare down and spinebuster King Mo. 1-2-3. Ku gets back into the fight but gets a blue thunder bomb fo his troubles. He’s out too!

ELIMINATED: King Mo & Kevin Ku

Back from the break, Richard Hollid and KC Navarro is going at it and Navarro is on a roll. He gets a near fall with a frog splash. Zenshi gets the tag and it’s a true battle of unorthodox styles. Zenshi amazing lands on his feet after a headscissors. Zenshi has to fight the odds against Kwon and KC, but finds an even bigger task against Beastman. He gets caught with a big fallaway slam who then gets nailed with a rolling cannonball. Zenshi is out for the 1-2-3.


Savio Vega comes in and utilizes his Kendo for a balance of the scales. He hits a spinning heel kick as will but the official pulls the Kendo away from Savio who gets clotheslined as he turns around. Beastman splashes him and its good for the fall.


In comes Philadelphia’s own, Blue Meanie. They battle it out sumo style. Meanie seets him up for a corner splash but Kim Chee grabs the leg of Meanie. Meanie gets avalanched by Beastman and then he gets pinned!


This brings in a battle of big men as EJ Nduka gets in the ring. He takes it to Beastman even after the help from Kim Chee. He gives Beastman a spinebuster and pins him for the three count and then for good measure, pins Kim Chee too.


Richard Holliday gets tagged in and he meets his old advesary in Gino Medina. Thes two men fight on the outside and the 20 count begins. Holliday runs back to answer the count, but it’s Ikuro Kwon who kicks Holliday yet again. Gino slides in at the last minute, but Holliday is unable and is counted out!

ELIMINATED: Richard Holliday

It’s three on one as Navarro, Kwon and Medina gang up on Nduka. EJ fights everyone off. He spinebusters Medina and eliminates him. He then catches Navarro for a spinebuster and he’s out too!

ELIMINATED: Gino Medina & KC Navarro

It’s a preview of War Chamber as it gets down to Kwon and EJ. The Judge grabs Kwon by the throat and presses him high. He turns it into his spinebuster and gets the win!


WINNERS: Team EJ Nduka

Cesar Durn will have a big surprise for us during War Chamber week.

We do see Duran with Willow Nightingale. He begins a proposition, but Nightingale makes it clear she’s not here to make friends, but make that Featherweight Title. Impressed, Duran is interrupted by his associate. Fatu is around and Duran tells him to tell Fatu to meet him in his office.

Sure enough, Fatu is there. Fatu still irate, wants his World Title rematch. Duran asks him about the meaning of a double edge sword. Fatu says he isn’t an idiot. It stabs both ways. Duran states that Samael hasn’t initiated Fatu’s rematch yet, clearly trying to forgm a wedge between CONTRA. Fatu says nothing will come between him and Samael.

It’s main event time.

Opera Cup Semi-Finals
Davey Richards vs. Bobby Fish

Both men come into the semi-finals with a great deal of momentum. The bell sounds and the two bump fists. We’re underway. Fish wrings the arm, but Davey, ever savvy escapes with some rolls and a well timed kick. This causes Bobby to go outside to reset.

Davey goes to send Fish to the outside once more, but Bobby trips him up on the apron. Fish dissects Davey on the outside and comes up with an injured left leg.

Fish kicks away at Davey, but he battles back on his feet to fight. Fish however, maintains his focus.

Back in the ring, Davey hits a kitchen sink with his good knee. Davey uses joint manipulation to keep Bobby grounded. Davey wears Bobby down further with a flipping Fujiwa armbar, but Fish makes it to the ropes. A modified leg spin has Bobby in immense pain.

Davey gets him in a scissors hold as he wears down the body of Bobby in the middle of the ring.

It’s a true game of mat chess as Bobby and Davey go back and forth, but it’s Bobby who locks in his heel hook! Davey fights and gets him in the Sharpshooter. A pin attempt free both men.

Bobby goes for an exploder suplex, but Richards gets him in an ankle lock. Bobby boots himself free, but Davey fires back with a brianbuster and then cinches in the ankle lock once more after a kick out! He grapevines the leg for further torque and Bobby has to tap out!

WINNER and ADVANCING: Davey Richards

Davey Richards is going to the finals, but he doesn’t forget the journey he’s been on as he offers Bobby a hand of respect. Bobby shakes it and the two men embrace.

Alicia Atout is standing by with Hammerstone, Holliday and Nduka. Atout reveals that Hammerheads added Savio Vega to the War Chamber. Holliday isn’t so sure about aligning with Savio, but the focus gets re-directed as an associate tells Atout that Richard Holliday has a World Title shot. THe Dynasty know his game. Hammerstone wants to face the best the league has to offer and that’s not going to cause friction between him, EJ or his Dynasty bro Richard!

War Chamber is next week!