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STREAM FUSION: Fatu vs Krugger: Stairway to Hell | Killer Kross & Gangrel in action

Watch Major League Wrestling FUSION tonight at 8pm ET featuring a Stairway To Hell match and streaming worldwide for free on MLW’s YouTube channel and Saturday nationwide on cable and dish on beIN SPORTS. 

Jacob Fatu and Mads Krugger prepare to journey to hell as CONTRA’s former generals go to war in a Stairway To Hell match on Fusion!

The Baklei War Club and Maliliu Cane hang high above the ring as the CONTRA civil war escalates. Who will emerge from the sheer human wreckage with their hand raised? Tune in and find out!

What’s Hammerstone’s status? Did Richard Holliday knock Your Boy Hammer out of competition indefinitely? Will Cesar Duran follow through on his vow to strip Hammerstone of the World Heavyweight Championship? The decision is coming your way tonight.

Rumors are circulating that Cesar and Richard Holliday will be making a joint statement on the ongoing Hammerstone champion concern. Could El Jefe shock the wrestling world and crown Richard Holliday the NEW World Heavyweight Champion? Tune in and find out!

“The harbinger of chaos” Killer Kross returns!

The Vampire Warrior rises as Gangrel arrives in MLW!

Los Parks return with their latest culinary masterpiece and put the MLW tag team division on notice in the process!

With 5150 lurking, the Von Erichs get advice from one of wresting’s all-time greats.

Join Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski as MLW presents Fusion!