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Fusion Recap: Thrilla In Phila | Real 1 vs. Lince Dorado

Real 1 is in action tonight, but he caused some action last week when he smashed Jacob Fatu with a beer bottle. This week we see Fatu bandaged up and with a score to settle. “We may have the same backgrounds, but I tell you one thing, you ain’t never ran into a Polynesian Samoan Uce before. put that on the list.”

Real 1 vs. Lince Dorado

Real 1 comes down and has some derogatory words for Philadelphia, Samoans and his opponent, Dorado. The bell sounds and Real 1 gets Dorado down with a side headlock and tries to slow it all down. This goes on for some time until Dorado gets him down with a head scissors. He topes to Real 1 on the outside and nails a leaping high crossbody! Dorado ascends again, but Real 1 shoves him to the outside hard on the concrete!

Back from the break, Real 1 crotches Dorado over the guardrail. Real 1 has some destructive intentions as he puts Dorado in a Razor’s Edge against the ring post. That’s the move that put KC Navarro on the shelf. Somehow, some way, Dorado gets back in the ring before the 20 count.

Real 1 unleashes on Dorado on the canvas, but Lince manages to catch him with a high waist German suplex that is very impressive, but Real 1 catches Lince with a picture-perfect DDT. Two count. Real 1 climbs up but gets flung from the top. Dorado drops Real 1 with a springboard stunner and it sets Dorado up for a series of moonsaults. Real 1 rolls out of the way and when Dorado goes to attack, he pulls the official and low blows Dorado. He hits Lince with Done-zo! 1-2-3.

WINNER: Real 1

We see the new Featherweight Champion, Taya Valkyrie and the three-belt queen is up for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Next week, we’ll have Hammerstone vs. Holliday in a World Title fight in a long-standing grudge and when Alicia Atout gets approached by a camera man. She’s asked about the match and is insulted considering she’s the “Interview Queen” but does say Holliday will be ready.

It’s main event time.

Thrilla In Phila Challenge For The National Openweight Championship
Alex Kane vs. ???

Out comes Kane and Mr. Thomas. Both run down the fans before Kane makes clear that no one has buzzed his phone to step up. Who is gonna change that? Kane awaits but not before further trashing Philly. The challenger has to last 20 minutes for the $20K purse, but if that challenger gets the victory, he’ll become the new National Openweight Champion.

Who finally answers the call? It’s Davey Richards!

The two lock up and Kane uses his power for leverage, but Richards twists himself back up to a vertical base. Richards ties Kane’s arm up on the second rope and gets Kane on the outside. He gives Kane some stiff kicks against the barricade. He puts Kane up against the ring apron for a charging kick, but Kane catches him and slams him against the ring apron. Kane nails a diving splash on the apron as we get word that five minutes have passed in the 20-minute limit.

Back in the ring, Kane breaks Davey with a backbreaker. He soon covers for a two count. Both men are fighting around the apron and Richards catches Kane with his patented dragon screw.

Ten minutes left. Richards howls up top for his double stomp, but Kane rolls free. Richards locks in a Trailer Hitch on Kane as Mr. Thomas pushes the ropes closer to his colleague. The hold gets broken and Kane’s in major pain. Kane makes himself heavy for a suplex attempt, but a stiff kick softens Kane up for a Saito suplex. He covers 1-2-no!

Richards is frustrated but gets to his feet for another suplex attempt. Kane goes for a Kane Maker, but Richards scouts it. However, he doesn’t scout a German suplex or the Kane Maker follow-up! Kane covers 1-2-no!

Kane senses victory as 15 minutes have elapsed in the fight. Richards shifts the momentum however when he nails a big suplex up top! The American Wolf really senses blood in the forest as time ticks away and gets Kane in the ankle lock! Kane struggles to get to the rope and as the clock is counted down, he just reaches it as time runs out! The match is a draw!


Richards may be $20,000 richer, but he doesn’t take home the Openweight gold as Kane is barely able to take home his ankle in one piece. Post-fight, Richards offers a hand to Kane to help him up, but Mr. Thomas attacks from behind!

The BOMAYE Fight Club choke out Richards as Philly tries to boo them out of the building. Suddenly Reed comes in wielding a steel chair to even the odds. Suddenly, Reed grins and jabs Davey with the chair!

Reed is enraged as he and Kane and Thomas continue the attack on Richards. Kane sets up a chair and lays Richards arm across it. Reed comes off the top with a double stomp onto his mentor’s arm!

Sure enough, a BOMAYE Fight Club jacket is presented to Reed and he puts it on. Reed is the new member as Richards has his arm to be worried about,

We cut to an operating table that has Mads Krugger laid out on it. A doctor says there’s nothing he can do for the mercenary as he presents Krugger a mirror. Krugger screams in anger at seeing his damaged face and smashes the mirror as the feed cuts out.