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International promoters plan Super Series ’22

A called was held this afternoon between MLW officials and promoters making up MLW’s international strategic alliance. The topic: finalizing plans for the Super Series ’22.

Due to the pandemic, plans for the ’21 co-promoted supercard were suspended. However, with events returning with regularity, MLW and international promoters have been framing out the next Super Series for six weeks.

Details including which promotion will host the interpromotional supercard are said to be set.

One interesting development: multiple promotions are rumored to be participating in the ’22 edition of the Super Series.

“One of the big questions I get asked a lot is what if MLW did something with this organization or that promotion,” said Court Bauer. “We are looking at this in a lot of ways as we build long-term relationships. It’s a very exciting and unpredictable moment in the sport and that’s a good thing, so buckle up and be ready.”