Samoan SWAT Team vs. The FBI added to Philly Oct 30

First-time ever tag team bout signed for FIGHTLAND

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) – Major League Wrestling today announced the Samoan SWAT Team vs. The FBI for MLW FIGHTLAND ’22 on Sunday, October 30 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

🎟 Tickets start at $15 at and the 2300 Arena box office. 

The card is a FUSION TV taping, airing on beIN SPORTS nationwide on cable and dish and in over 60 countries around the world.

MLW’s stacked tag team division will be showcased at FIGHTLAND as the undefeated Samoan SWAT Team takes on a tag team synonymous with the 2300 Arena in the Full Blooded Italians, or simply: The FBI.

FBI capo Little Guido is readying for war against the SST by bringing his family and warns “you never go against the family,” when it comes to betting on the winner of this first-time encounter. 

With 2 reigns as an ECW World Tag Team Champion and background fighting in the UWFi, Guido is tough as nails and knows a thing or two about extreme environments.  

Now the technical Italiano is introducing a new soldier as a part of the famed FBI familia in his cousin Ray “The Grinder” Jaz. 

An accomplished amateur, Ray “The Grinder” Jaz is a decorated NCAA All-American wrestler, who isn’t afraid to break a few knuckles and noses. You name it, Guido’s cousin has probably done it.

A loyal soldier, Jaz is respected in the business and often serves as Guido’s muscle, if such an occasion calls for it… and that muscle will be needed as the FBI try to stop super heavyweight Big Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i as the undefeated SST look to punch their ticket to a title match against Hustle & Power.

Will the SST continue to make a tsunami level splash on the tag team division or will the FBI have the SST sleeping with the fishes?

Find out LIVE Sunday night, October 30 in Philadelphia at MLW FIGHTLAND ’22!

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