Fusion Recap: Jacob Fatu Clashes With Real 1


The season premiere of MLW Fusion starts off with recap of Jacob Fatu securing his MLW World Title shot by winning Battle Riot IV and the Samoan Swat Team enter the Melrose Ballroom with a little help from Microman!

Fusion fires off in a major way as we have BOMAYE Fight Club’s Myron Reed defending his World Middleweight gold.

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Lince Dorado vs. La Estrella vs. Arez vs. Myron Reed (c) (with Mr. Thomas)

The bell sounds and the first to secure the pinfall or submission will be the Middleweight Champion. La Estrella shows the athleticism he brings from Dragon Gate!

He and Lince duel it out with their speed and unique lucha libre style. Arez gets involved and takes his strange style to Lince. A sit-out powerbomb is executed, but Reed breaks it up! Soon enough all the fighters take high risk maneuvers but it’s Lince who catches the Champ in a Fujiwa armbar! Thankfully for Reed, it gets broken up as Lince and Arez slap and chop one another. Arez hook kicks Lince on the apron and continues his assault center canvas. Arez grapevines Lince in and Dorado looks desperate before Reed runs in to save his title!

Reed fights with Arez and Dorado, but a buckle bomb removes him from the equation. Dorado hits a scoop powerslam. Lince is in full control until La Estrella gets a pin attempt and then hits a spike rana! Reed runs in and hits his patented cutter for the definitive 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL World Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

Post-fight, Sam Leterna tries to get a word in with the champ, but Reed grabs hold of the mic and says he’s washing all this cross-promotional talent like “f*ckin’ dishes.”

Earlier today, Cesar Duran had an important business meeting. We see him on the phone and there’s some idea he likes. In comes, Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout, and The Clout Couple want some gratitude. Holliday makes clear that he saved him from Hammerstone. He bloodied him up and saved him from the hospital. How much blood should be spilled until he receives his title opportunity? Duran grants him that in two weeks – in a falls count anywhere match. If he fails him again, there will be no more opportunity. There won’t be any failure on the Sole Proprietor’s end. Duran turns his attention to an apprehensive henchman. He wants him to get rid of Microman, but it’s evident Microman’s reputation has caused Azteca to pause!

KC Navarro vs. Mini Abismo Negro

Navarro has apparently bartered a deal with Durn as Truly Blessed shows his prowess against the Strange Sangre member. MAN does catch KC up top to hit a super hurricanrana up top! That’s only good for a two count!

MAN maintains control, but the tides turn with a halo DDT for a very near fall! “KC” chants pick up in NYC as shots are traded between the two fighters. A modified driver downs KC but Navarro moves out of the way and he hits the Jesus Peace: 1-2-3!

WINNER: KC Navarro

Medical update on Alex Hammerstone: The champ’s X-Rays came back negative but the CT scans reveal Hammer’s manner of movement will be limited for at least two months. It’s gonna be pretty clear that Hammer’s more than likely gonna battle through any ailments to defend his gold.

Mance Warner is back in MLW and is sharing a brew with Budd Heavy and some others. All of them owe Ol’ Mancer $45 (each!) Mancer has been all over the wrestling globe. Mancer loves monsters and he calls out Mads Krugger and he’s ready to chop the mercenary down to size! He’s gonna stomp his head in like a pumpkin and hit the pay window!

Real 1 has some strong words before his main event fight for Jacob Fatu. He says plenty of things but his keyword is discombobulated. “How you doin’?”

Not long after Budd Heavy was seen partying with Mance Warner, Savio Vega and La Estrella see him laid out in a janitor’s closet and Savio sees a mysterious card placed on his chest!

Fatu is showing some friendship with Microman and thankfully it thwarts off the Azteca henchman waiting to attack!

Clara Carreras vs. Scarlett Bordeaux

Clara was staring daggers at Scarlett and she takes a cheap shot at the up and comer. Carreras regains control with a dropkick but Scarlett remains relentless.

She hits a DDT. She hits her Scarlett Letter finisher and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Scarlett Bordeaux

Post-fght, Leterna welcomes the inaugural Women’s Featherweight Champ, Taya Valkyrie. Taya thanks New York for the warm welcome and makes clear she’s up for any challenge in the Feaetherweight division. Suddenly, Brittany Blake begins assaulting Taya from behind! Security has to be called to have her pulled off, but doing so is not that easy!

We see Alex Kane. He says he used to look up to Davey Richards, but he quit on everybody. This “comeback” is all smoke and mirrors to him. Next week he’s putting his National Openweight Title on the line!

It’s main event time.

Jacob Fatu vs. Real 1

Before Fatu even makes it to the ring, R1 takes him out with a lead pipe!

But that seemingly pissed off the Samoan Werewolf. Fatu is clearly favoring his leg and Real 1 immediately attacks it like a feral dog! It doesn’t take long for Real 1 to wrap Fatu’s leg around the ring post.

Real 1 climbs up top but Fatu catches him with a dropkick! Real 1 is clearly frustrated and low blows Fatu. The official immediately calls for the bell and that gets a cheap shot on the ref too!

WINNER via DQ: Jacob Fatu

Fatu wants more of Real 1 and the two brawl it out. The fight spills to the outside and Fatu goes soaring in mid-air to take out everyone and end-cap this season premiere of Fusion!

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