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Underground Recap: Real1 & Mance Warner Take It To The Streets

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Episode two of MLW Underground starts off with Mance Warner who makes clear he ain’t messing around with Real1. Tonight, the “Southern Psycho” is in a Street Fight with “The Name Eeeeeeverybody Knows.” Not only that, but it’s in Philadelphia, the home of ECW, and that isn’t lost on Ol’ Mancer. He’s gonna make sure Real1 “drops the mic” once more after “The Bucksnort Brawler” laid him out last week.

Speaking of Philly, we cut to the historic 2300 Arena and we’re firing off this evening of fights with Willie Mack vs. Calvin Tankman! But first we see the Samoan SWAT Team but they are sans Lance Anoa’i. Jacob Fatu  says he’ll be with them here eventually as Lance tends to show up late. He makes it known that after issuing his challenge to Alex Hammerstone that the World Title is coming back to him.

Willie Mack vs. Calvin Tankman

This is a hoss fight of hoss fights as both big men size one another up and then try to knock each other off their feet but to no avail.

Mack eventually shows his athletic range by connecting with Tankman for a roundhouse kick. Tank is out on his feet and the only thing that saves him from toppling over is the ring ropes. That doesn’t prove to be to his benefit however as it allows Mack to hoist him up on his shoulders for an incredible Samoan Drop!

Mack kips up and delivers his patented standing moonsault. He covers: 1-2-kickout!

Somehow, Tankman finds a second wind, and when that happens, Heavyweight Hustle is near impossible to stop. He catches Mack crisp with his spinning back elbow to the back of the skull and that sets Mack up for the Tankman Driver. He covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Calvin Tankman

Real1 says that was cheap shot Mance took on him last week. “I hope your mother is in the front row at MLW when I make you scream ‘uncle’ like she does!” This is indeed a culture war in South Philly.

We see the World Champion Alex Hammerstone. He says him and Fatu are destined to do this forever. He says it always comes back between him and Fatu. He says when he beats him at Fightland, a couple fans said they thought Hammer got lucky. Hammer kept that in the back of his mind. He listened to that voice and he knows that Fatu thinks he got lucky. He says it’s finally to tell that voice to shut up. “I’m gonna beat you because I’m better than you.”

MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship
Zoey Skye vs. Taya Valkyrie (c) (with Cesar Duran)

The height difference is stark between Skye and Valkyrie as the two Featherweights square off. Skye surprises at first with a hurricanrana and attempts to use her kicking ability to chop Taya down, but she gets caught up in the corner and plants Skye with a harsh DDT. Skye gets kicked to the outside and Duran stands over the fallen fighter as Taya takes control and boots Skye hard into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Valkyrie stomps Skye hard on the canvas; Vakyrie’s cockiness gets the better of her as Skye hits an assisted lung blower with the use of the ring ropes. Taya is hanging over the second rope and  then leaps up to hit a shotgun dropkick!

Zoey ascends up top and hits a crossbody: 1-2-no! Skye climbs up once more and goes for it again, but Taya rolls out of the way and hits a push dropkick. She hits a “Road To Valhalla” and covers: 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL World Women’s Featherweight Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Post-match, Duran shows his sleaziness by rubbing Skye’s face into Valkyrie’s boot.

As the match ends, out comes Billie Starks who shows her excitement to be there, but Valkyrie makes clear this is her division and Duran says Starks isn’t worthy or old enough to fight the champ.

We see the BOMAYE Fight Club as Alex Kane continues to taunt Davey Boy Smith Jr. more with what he may do to disrespect the Opera Cup,

Cut to Davey Boy Smith Jr. who notes that he’s been away from MLW for two years but he’s back with his cousins, Thomas and Mark Billington, nephews of the late Dynamite Kid, Davey takes exception to what Kane is doing with The Opera Cup. Well guess what? There’s no joking around when he steps in the ring with DBS Jr. “Don’t forget to tap before you nap,” he says.

Lance Anoa’i is seen arriving to the 2300 Arena but gets a cinder block to the back of the head by EJ Nduka! The Judge is clearly still steamed from his loss against Hammerstone from last week.

Lio Rush is another man who’s having a second go-around with MLW. A lot has happened since he’s been away and a lot of people think they’re top, but “The Bad Child” says they’re going to figure out that’s not the case.

It’s main event time.

Street Fight
Real1 vs. Mance Warner

Real1 grabs hold of the mic (of course). He says there is no “man” in Mance, but he’s a “female dog.” He calls Warner an inbred. He calls himself “The Real Deal” and declares he’s going to knock Warner out tonight: “How you doin’?”

Mance isn’t coming to the ring empty-handed as he’s got a trash can full of weapons!

The bell sounds and Real1 nails a crisp dropkick that sends Warner in the corner before giving him a 10-punch. Mance fires right back and smashes Real1’s head into the opposite corner several times! Mance thinks the adjacent corner is lonely too and does the same there too! Real1 goes to the outside and Mancer nails him with a “tope” eye poke!

Real1 manages to send Mance into the guard rail and then lifts him up in the Razor’s Edge. He sends Mance crashing into the ring post: the same move that put KC Navarro out of commission!

Back from break, Real1 has Mance dazed sitting center of the ring for some stiff kendo stick shots. Real1 winds up and Mance ducks to nail a little Dusty “flip flop and fly” action! He drops Real1 harsh on the chair with a drop toe hold!

Mance is on fire as he nails a lariat and then a big boot! He grabs hold of the trash can and aims for a duplex, but Real1 charges Mance into the corner for some shoulder thrusts. Real1 climbs up top for a drop kick but Mance nails him with the trash can in mid-air!

Real1 stumbles to the corner and gets referee Larry Peace caught in the middle. Real1 pulls some brass knuckles out of his trunks and pops Warner with them. Sure enough, Mance is out cold and Real1 gets the pinfall win!