Fusion Recap: Super Series Kicks Off As Alex Kane States His Intentions


MLW Fusion is back and it all begins with some international flavor as the league continues to embrace the hybrid wrestling element of the genre with Super Series! First however, we get a recap of Alex Kane’s journey towards the World Heavyweight Title as he looks to unseat Alex Hammerstone from his dominant reign as champion. We’ll hear from the #1 contender tonight in an exclusive press conference.

The first fight for the new season starts off in a big way literally with Juicy Finau representing the league as he takes on Crazy Frank and lucha legend Damian 666!

Tijuana Street Fight
Juicy Finau vs. Crazy Frank vs. Damian 666

The battle begins even before all the competitors are in the ring as Juicy takes out Frank before splashes Damian in the corner! It’s not long before Damian presents a staple gun and money is exchanged for a pound of flash. The three men commence absolute chaos on the outside. Frank really gets nasty with a cheese grater against the skull of Juicy, but Damian tops it with skewers to the skull of Frank! Juicy manages to pin Frank against the barricade and finds himself a flat-screen TV to lay against him. Finau crashes into him to Tijuana’s delight.

Back in the ring, Damian tries to power Juicy up but it’s to no avail as Finau flattens him on top of a car hood! However, the tides turn in favor of Crazy Frank as his crew Diego Extremo and Ciclope comes out to attack his opponents! The two then superplex Damian through that aforementioned car hood. Juicy appears to be in a bad way as Damian is caught three on one. Somehow, the veteran maneuvers all three men in the corner and it allows Juicy to splash them in the corner!

Juicy and Damian both find themselves on the stage before Finau sends the legend careening through a table! Frank comes in and lays Juicy out with a cookie sheet!

They drag Juicy back to the ring as they present sheets of glass. Frank gives Juicy a receipt by sending the big man into another flat screen!

Two panes of glass is bridged between four chairs as they look to suplex Juicy through it, but he fights Frank off and choke slams Ciclope and Extremo through both panes!

He then Samoan drops Frank before ascending to the second rope and nails a Juicy-sault! 1-2-3!

WINNER: Juicy Finau

Following a brutal attack by The Calling, one of Finau’s SST brothers in Jacob Fatu is ruled out for at least three weeks by league doctor, Dr. Nelson Swegler. Fatu is reportedly in the running to challenge for the National Openweight Title when he does return (whenever that may be!)

A camera crew caught up with Alex Hammerstone earlier in the day to get his further thoughts on facing Kane at Never Say Never on July 8. He also has a task to take on former MLW Tag Champ, Danny Limelight. He says wherever he defends the title what’s definitive is the Nightmare Pendulum and he plans to put Limelight down. As for Kane, he’ll be ready for him too. He is asked about Fatu vs. The Calling. He hates that Fatu has to go through the same BS that he did months ago, but one thing’s for sure, The Calling will get theirs.

Someone else who may get theirs is Taya Valkyrie if new league signee Delmi Exo has her way. She’s sick of Valkyrie’s trash talk as she has every intention to get hold of that MLW Featherweight Gold! First, Valkyrie will have a tall order in tonight’s multi-woman main event!

Another new competitor to stake his claim in the league is SGC’s 1 Called Manders. The Cornbelt Cowboy expresses his fearlessness and desire to add some extra weight to his belt buckle!

Willie Mack makes it clear that he wants some of that gold too and puts it out there that he wants a shot at John Hennigan too! “You best believe that!”

We see MSL walking the halls backstage and all three of SGC are searching for Microman. MSL makes clear for them to not mess with his meal ticket but as he wanders off out comes the mighty fighter out of the bathroom. The four men make plans to grab some beers and go to a donkey show!

The Kane press conference begins in Atlanta as he fields several questions. He has no plans to cash his golden ticket in at Super Series. He’s asked about his contract status and all Kane says is “money” and he plans for a lot of it. A media person is asking when will they will find out who is behind the BOMAYE Fight Club. Always with money on the mind, he says you may figure that out at a PPV. He’s finally asked about “BOMAYE” catching on with fans and it fires Kane up. He makes it clear all you WILL hear is “BOMAYE! BOMAYE! BOMAYE!”

MLW World Featherweight & AAA Reina De Reinas Championship
Sexy Star vs. La Hiedra vs. Dalys vs. Taya Valkyrie (c)

La Hiedra gets ganged up on by all three other women before Taya double lariats Star and Dalys down. Taya takes some time to taunt and is tripped up by Hieda who drags her out and sends her into the ring post.

Back from break, Dalys and Star have an athletic exchange in the ring before Hieda gets involved.

Dalys levels the playing field by hitting Hieda with a running dropkick. Hieda however hits one off the top rope and gets a near fall on Dalys. Thankfully, Taya breaks it up and soon hits an arm drag takedown and then spears Hieda down. This time it’s Sexy Star who makes the save as we head to another break!

Back from it, Star and Valkyrie square off before the almost become inadvertent partners.  It’s not long before the two exchange some harsh shots with one another.

Sexy Star takes advantage and hits a snap German suplex on Valkyrie for a near fall! Taya nails a hard lariat and covers for her own two count. She goes for a Road To Valhalla but Star escapes and hoists Star up for a Samoan falcon arrow! Taya just barely kicks out!

Star and her continue to exchange strikes, but a knee catches Star and Taya hits a RTV for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Featherweight & AAA Reina De Reinas Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Next week, it’s a massive match as National Openweight Champion John Henningan will battle Rey Horus, Psycho Clown, fellow Azteca Sam Adonis and the much buzzed-about El Hilo Del Vikingo!

The feed cuts and we see that The Calling has the agenda: to take out Fatu and sacrifice him to their “King In Yellow” Raven.

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