Fusion Recap: SGC Gets Hardcore With SST For World Tag Titles


MLW Fusion starts off in a BIG way with Microman as Mister Saint Laurent has a huge announcement for South Philadelphia: the city has officially deemed July 5 Microman Day! He attempts to get a chorus going for his mighty fighter, but out comes Davey Boy Smith Jr. of all people. He walks in to extend a hand to Microman, but gives him a boot instead and then hits him with a running power slam! Philly is shocked and MSL is scared, but it was all a ruse as he and Davey Boy Smith Jr. embrace! 

Out come Willie Mack, Jay Lyon and Midas Black and Smith Jr. hoists Microman up and throws him over the top! Wille carries the motionless body of Microman in his arms as Smith Jr. looks all too pleased with his actions.


MLW World Middleweight Championship

Lince Dorado vs. Akira (c) (with Raven & The Calling)

Lince Dorado hopes to regain his Middleweight gold he lost in a fatal-four way to Akira, but Akira is all business as he lays his title on Raven’s bloody table. He immediately goes on the attack as the bell rings. It’s a fast start for the champ.

However, Dorado is able to show his athleticism as he has his own “calling card” with his high-flying ability and nails a perfect suicida to Akira!

Akira shows his ruthless savvy when he has Dorado tied upside down in a tree of woe and delivers some ruthless kicks before charging over with a hard shotgun dropkick. Dorado looks to be in a bad way.

The assault continues as Akira contorts the limbs of Lince in the corner as Raven gleefully watches on.

Further dissection is displayed, but Dorado digs deep and hits a handspring stunner before connecting with a crisp thrust kick. Akira is dazed as Lince goes for a second handspring cutter, but Akira pulls off his mask!

Lince fights to keep his face covered and is even willing to take the offense of Akira to do so. He’s put in a tough position  gets hit with a Shining Wizard. 1-2-kickout! Still with his face covered, Dorado somehow manages to roll him up for a near fall of his own , but Akira hits him with his death drop finisher for the 1-2-3! Frank Gastineau is quick to hand Dorado his mask as Akira grins ear to ear.

WINNER and STILL MLW World Middleweight Champion: Akira

We get part two of the “BOMAYE Expose” as the league tries to determine who is bankrolling Alex Kane’s Fight Club. Some rumored names are “The Podfather” Conrad Thompson, Jim Cornette, Queen Latifah and Dixie Carter! However, the league is able to confirm that none of these names are the backer either!

Second Gear Crew are seen getting ready for their World Tag Title fight tonight and Mancer goes over a gameplay for him and 1 Called Manders!

Suspended and FINED! Taya Valkyrie is penalized by the league following her heinous actions last week in attacking Delmi Exo! She won’t be at Never Say Never, but Exo does have to defend her gold in a Title vs. Title match against WXW’s Women Champion Ava Everett!


Billie Starks vs. Mandy Leon (with Raven and The Calling)

Philly is happy to see Billie once more, but the tone changes as The Calling exclaim their claim for gold. Out comes Mandy Leon who opts not to choose a weapon on Raven’s bloody table. 

Much like Akira, Mandy gets down to business and it doesn’t take long to see the sadism. She drops Billie harshly on the apron with a Killswitch and then takes her to the floor. She looks to inflict more pain with a suplex, but Billie blocks it and delivers her own vert suplex!

Back in the ring, Billie puts her knee to good use as she drops Mandy’s head on it and then follows up with  Suplex drop to the knee: 1-2-kickout!

Billie climbs up top, but a gas mask henchman grabs hold of her. She kicks one of them off, but another shoves her and she falls right into a Raven Effect DDT. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Mandy Leon

Throughout the whole show, a press conference has been waiting for Alex Hammerstone to show up, but there was no sign of the champ. Words was that he’d get fined by the league, but he did show up and in a stern mood. He cleared the press out and said that Kane went to far in calling him a placeholder champion. He mentioned how he and his challenger had similar paths in MLW, nothing that his own journey was done with a little more hard work (but he digresses). On Saturday, he’s gonna show Kane why this world title picture up top is his spot.

We get a response from the challenger who is with Mr. Thomas as they question his physique. “You ain’t a king, you ain’t the truth. The truth is right here, it’s always been right here, and that is on BOMAYE! BOMAYE! BOMAYE!”

It’s main event time.

Hardcore Match

World Tag Team Championship

Second Gear Crew vs. Samoan Swat Team

Philly is pumped to see SGC and equally excited to see SST. Chairs immediately are a factor as all four men have one and pull a page out of MLW alumni Sabu’s book and toss them at one another! Everyone is rocked, but it sets the tone and the teams start brawling.

It very much doesn’t take long for the fight to spill outside as chairs are continued to get tossed but tables and ladders are also introduced.

Lance sets up a short ladder in the corner before setting up the table in the ring. Mander is dazed as Lance goes to seek a much taller ladder and introduces it to the canvas. He sets it up as Juicy comes in and headbutts Manders. He puts the Corn Belt Cowboy on the table, but that prompts Mancer to relentless beat Juicy with a chair! He takes that same seat and throws it up top to Lance! Mancer climbs up and punches Lance who takes a brutal fall into the corner that folds the shorter ladder in half!

Mance leaps at Juicy who catches Mance for a World’s Strongest Slam! Manders fights with Big Toko but the champ gets him on the table. He climbs up top and Mance catches him at the pass and climbs on the back of Juicy. Juicy has enough wherewithal to fall forward and crushes Manders through the table! 1-2-3!

WINNERS and STILL MLW Tag Team Champions: SST

It’s not long after the victory until the lights go out and out comes The Calling! Akira, RSP, Raven and Delirious all look to ambush SST and SGC. They have the upper hand for quite awhile but the toughness of the two teams combined send Raven’s crew packing! Juicy leaves them with an exclamation point by tossing the big ladder to the outside and sending RSP off his feet! What’s gonna happen at Never Say Never when MLW goes LIVE on FITE TV?

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