Fusion Recap: Matt Cardona Battles Manders Of Second Gear Crew


Matt Cardona takes on 1 Called Manders and Salina de la Renta has some big news!

Before MLW Fusion fully fires off, fans get a rundown of all that went down this past weekend at MLW Slaughter House! Not only that, but Salina de la Renta has been busy and is ready to reveal some “big news” later tonight

Love, Doug vs. Ichiban

If you questioned the athleticism and tenacity of Love, Doug before this fight, you won’t after. He very much matched ichiban in speed and reaction timing as the two fighters played a high-speed chess match of trying to out maneuver the other.

Matt Strike admits he was wrong about Doug as he sees his unbelievable wrestling ability. He gets in several pin attempts.

The fight goes through a commercial break and while Doug is down, he throws rose petals at Ichiban! The ref doesn’t deem it DQ worthy, but he hits a bulldog and gets a near fall.

Ichiban turns the tide with a jawbreaker stunner and then hits a leaping flatliner for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Ichiban

Post-match, Sam Leterna catches up with Love, Doug who isn’t completely demoralized after the loss and the Philly crowd is behind him. Suddenly, a back-up dancer of B3CCA’s comes out and hands him a card. He doesn’t “kiss and tell” but he does say that B3CCA may be showing up at one of his fights!

Tom Lawlor made his return to MLW after two years and although he lost to Alex Kane at Slaughterhouse, he does express his distaste for the sleazy promotional skills of Don King. The former MLW World Champion also reveals that he’s decided to join MSL’s World Titan Federation!

We see TJ Crawford and Tony Deppen standing by a chalkboard that reads “Your Voice Matters.” They patronize the sentiment before running down recent #1 draft pick Kevin Blackwood. However, it’s then revealed that Tony Deppen has been suspended by MLW for his recent actions!

Joe Dombrowski makes mention of the boiling tension between two of The Calling members in RSP and Akira, particularly after Slaughterhouse. The league will keep us updated on any further developments.

MSL makes clear to Sam Leterna that Manders now has a target on his back and he knows Matt Cardona is ready to take aim and fire for WTF.

BOMAYE Fight Club (Mr. Thomas & J Boujii) vs. The Mane Event

Midas Black and Jay Lyon show plenty of reasons why they make a great tandem as they show their savviness for tag team wrestling, making their target J Boujii. Lyon holds him in a wheel barrow position before Black leaps down hard on him with a splash.

It doesn’t take long for the massive Mr. Thomas to regulate in the ring against both his opponents. This gives Boujii time to recover who ultimately hits a springboard double cutter. Thomas then uses Boujii as a weapon and launches him to the outside onto both men! He sends Lyon back in the ring and Thomas lays him harshly out with a Ron Simmons spinebuster! `1-2-3!


We go to Atlanta to see a BOMAYE follow-up with Alex Kane. The World Champion makes it perfectly clear he’s not involved in sports entertainment and he isn’t a “Superstar” but he’s a fighter and MLW hosts the best of the best in this fight game. The mission is submission!

Mance Warner has violence on his mind! He sees all kinds of tools in this south Philly parking lot. He sure happens to find a screwdriver!

Cut to Salina de la Renta. Next week she’ll be executive producing MLW Fusion!

It’s main event time.

Matt Cardona vs. 1 Called Manders

Cardona has clearly under-estimated Manders who delivers on the offense and he has to beg the Cornbelt Cowboy several times. That doesn’t save Matt for some harsh chops. Matt tries to wear Manders down, but he shows everyone why he was a division one collegiate athlete!

Cardona will do anything to survive and steals from Mancer’s book with an eyepoke! This allows him to hit his Radio Silence for the pinfall win!

WINNER: Matt Cardona

Post-fight, Cardona is all kinds of braggadocious, saying that he and WTF are planning a takeover. Mance Warner comes out to make clear that’s not in the plans for SGC! 

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