Ace RomeroHeight: 6′
Weight: 400 lbs.
Hometown: Saco, Maine
Style: Power
Signature Moves: Pounce, Running Shotgun Dropkick, Rock Bottom/senton combo

Using uncanny aerial attacks combined with explosive power, “Acey Baby” is a walking jumbo jet in the squared circle.

An elite super heavyweight, this 400 pounder harkens back to the days of agile super heavies like Bam Bam Bigelow and Big Van Vader.

Romero not only has size but the agility and technical game to make every match different, unpredictable and dangerous to his adversaries.

On a rampage to the top, Romero is out to stomp and pounce his way to greatness in MLW while sending shockwaves through the entire league.