Height: 5’10″
Weight: 222 lbs.
Hometown: Austin, TX
Style: Hybrid
Signature Move: 450º

Known for bombarding adversaries with a variety of 450º splashes and signature moves like the Dragon Ball Z (multiple elbows to a cornered opponent followed by a running thrust attack), ACH is a powerhouse anime character come to life.

Wowing crowds around the world, ACH is a dynamic athlete with a vertical leap that would make NFL and NBA players envious.

Combining uncanny agility with blistering strikes, ACH is the evolution of the modern day fighter.

While humble and showing opponents immense respect, don’t let that fool you: this Austin, TX native is a beast once the bell rings.

Once you see ACH take flight, you’ll agree that this hybrid wrestler is in fact “SUUUUUUUPER”!