Alexander Hammerstone

Alex Hammerstone

Height: 6’3″
 251 lbs.
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
 Power Wrestler
Signature Move: Nightmare Pendulum

Alexander Hammerstone is the golden boy of the Dynasty and your National Openweight Champion.

Agile, powerful, technically innovative and razor-sharp intelligence, Alexander Hammerstone is all business in and out of the ring.

While detractors will label Alexander Hammerstone as narcissistic, there is no denying his dominance and excellence in everything he does.

While very muscular and naturally powerful, Hammerstone spends relatively little time in the gym. A genetic beast, the Phoenix powerhouse wrestler can bench press 565 pounds and squat-press 830 pounds!

One of the most impressive physical specimens in the sport, Hammerstone is by no means a one dimensional professional athlete.  When doing cardio at his private gym, Hammerstone can often be found reading the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. A VERY successful investor, Hammerstone handles his own investment portfolio.