Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hometown: Mexico City
Style: Lucha Libre, “Strange Style”
Signature Moves: Top Rope Package Piledriver

Arez enters the ring wearing Mayan tribal warpaint. A fierce warrior, Arez is a rapid-fire, relentless wild card in the middleweight division.

The master of ‘strange style’, Arez is one of the hottest luchadores to cross the border in years.  Employing uncanny unorthodox counters to his aerial adversaries, Arez’s style is akin to a lucha version of Krav Maga, disabling and destroying victims via a vicious art of defense.

Mentored by the legendary Blue Demon Jr., Arez’s speed and technique are a challenge for opponents to keep pace with.

Fighting for Azteca Underground under the ruthless watch of Cesar Duran, Arez’s mission is to collect gold and masks in the name of violence for El Jefe.