Barrington Hughes

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 469 lbs.
Hometown: Miami, FL
Style: Brawler
Signature Moves: Purple Crush (Avalanche); Greetings from the Dirty South (running sitdown bomb)

Tipping the scales at 469 pounds, the “Caramel Colossus” is the first-ever super heavyweight to compete in MLW.

A charismatic force of nature, Barrington follows in the footsteps of other giants of the squared circle with his eyes set on domination.

But don’t let the Paisley Park native of Miami’s monstrous size or dominance fool you. Hughes insists he’s just an average man, blessed with a super-sized body, trying to do the right thing with a little swag.

Deceptively fast for his size, Barrington holds the record for the quickest match in MLW history, defeating his opponent at MLW: One-Shot in just 8.8 seconds!

Ushering in a new chapter of big men in professional wrestling, Barrington Hughes looks to prove each time the bell rings that the crushing will continue.