Weight: 285 lbs.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Style: Brawling/Hardcore
Signature Move: All Seeing Eye (Cradle Shock)

“I believe in violence. It’s the only thing understood universally.”
-Brody King

His philosophy quickly becomes apparent when Brody King enters the ring. His actions have earned recognition as “the intelligent monster” by the sports media.

A cerebral conjurer of chaos, Brody blends brawling, power and even some sky combat into his repertoire. An unpredictable and vicious force, Brody’s matches are known to involve just about anything not nailed down.

Despite being a wild brawler, King is also a solid grappler, competing at the amateur level in high school.

When not rampaging in MLW, Brody can be found rampaging on stage as the lead singer for hardcore metal band God’s Hate.