Memphis, TN
Affiliation: The Stud Stable

Southern wrestling promoter and manager Colonel Robert Parker has a sterling reputation for presenting some of the sport’s most dominant grapplers.

Parker, whose family goes back to 1920 in the sport, has come to MLW with his illustrious Stud Stable.

Today, the Stud Stable features the Dirty Blondes, two rugged brawlers, from, as Colonel Parker crows “the great Port of Tampa, Florida.”

Colonel Parker, who league officials have confirmed has acquired a license to manage in MLW, joins a trend of managers and promoters representing athletes in the MLW.

Having managed the likes of Steve Austin, Big Van Vader and the Harlem Heat as well as promoting wrestling throughout the south, Colonel Parker has a stellar track record for success in the sport.  The question is: who will be next to sign on with his Stud Stable? We’ll just have to wait and see.