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Height: 5’10”
Weight: 202 lbs.
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Style: High Flying, Brawling
Signature Moves: Diving Leg Drop, Camel Clutch, WMD Driver (Kneeling Back to belly piledriver)

Iranian American Dara Shawn Daivari lived the American dream.

Signing a lucrative contract before his 21st birthday, winning championships around the world and gaining immense notoriety. However, this all left him unfulfilled and, ultimately a lost soul.

It wasn’t until Daivari journeyed abroad and discovered the black flag of CONTRA Unit. Reemerging a different man both physically with more muscularity than before and mentally, Daivari is on the frontlines of CONTRA’s war against the world, and specifically MLW.

Guided early on by Adnan Al-Kaissie, Daivari has found what he believes is enlightenment through CONTRA.

Fanatically loyal to Josef Samael, Daivari has sworn allegiance to CONTRA.

A soldier in CONTRA’s war against MLW and a world of structure and perceived decadence, this foot soldier vows to be CONTRA’s greatest warrior.

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