Danny Rivera

Danny Rivera
Danny Rivera

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 177 lbs.
Hometown: LA by way of NYC
Style: Technical, High Flying
Signature moves:
Symbiote DDT, Morir Soñando (exploder variant)

The “Radioactive Papi” is the finesse and fury of the 5150.

Growing up in New York City, Danny Rivera has a frenetic fighting style combining technical and high flying with a little brawling to make for a potent mix for any grappler.

With pride in his Puerto Rican heritage, Rivera often is seen representing the colors of the island when going to war in the ring.

A Marine Corps veteran, Rivera has trained with the USMC boxing team and was involved in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. A dangerous hand-to-hand fighter, Rivera can end a fight in the ring or on the street in a heartbeat.

Thriving in the limelight, Rivera is flashy yet one of the most dangerous you could face in the ring. Especially if the rest of the 5150 are lurking.