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Jacob Fatu

Jacob Fatu

Height: 6’1″
 280 lbs.
Hometown: Samoa
Signature Move: Moonsault, Samoan Splash, Samoan Drop



Total destruction.

These are words often identified when witnessing Jacob Fatu in and out the ring.  A human path of destruction, Fatu is the next generation in a long line of Samoans who have claimed title belts, shortened careers and dominated the sport.

A global dealer in violence, Jacob Fatu is a force within the CONTRA Unit, an international organization cloaked in mystery but driven to gain power, disrupt leagues such as MLW and conquer all in their path by any means necessary.

With whispers of connections to the dangerous and shadowy underworld, Fatu is not one to be at odds with.

It is said that while many in his family were trained in the confines of the family’s renowned training facilities, Fatu took a different path. Seeking out a riskier, more nefarious journey that took him around the world, Fatu’s violent voyage would see him learn various fighting styles.  Be it his tenure as an enforcer in Shanghai or the muscle for Japanese underbosses, the stories are endless… and most supposedly true.

In the ring, Jacob Fatu is an uncanny force.  Mixing an aerial assault with power and a violent viciousness, this natural athlete is a menace unlike any other in Major League Wrestling.

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