IMG_0424.jpgHeight: 5’7”
Weight: 176 lbs.
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Style: High Flying
Signature Moves: Handspring code breaker, Full Sail Deal (pedigree/code red combo), Ego Trip (snap swinging neckbreaker), Black Magic (feint shining wizard transitioned into a reverse roundhouse) 5 Borough Frog Splash


“The Flying Gambino” is one of MLW’s most popular high flyers. Cade is known as a scrappy grappler who uses finesse and speed to impress and awe.

Labeled by many as a blue-chipper, Cade’s speed, innovation and aerial combat make for spectacular encounters for the fans and challenging matches for his adversaries.

Trained by MLW alum “Black Magic” Norman Smiley, Cade is well versed in various styles including submission wrestling, lucha libre, high flying and traditional professional wrestling.

Away from the ring, Cade is into nerd culture. Whether it’s reading comics, gaming or watching anime, Cade balances his pro wrestling career with a variety of forms of escapism.

Cade makes up one half of Team TBD, taking part in tag team matches with partner Jimmy Yuta.