IMG_0322.jpgHeight: 6′
Weight: 191 lbs.
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Style: Traditional Pro Wrestling
Signature Move: Yuta Lock

A new era of fighting spirit rises, as Jimmy Yuta blends innovation in the air and on the mat with his courage and toughness in the ring.

Returning from an extended stay in Japan where he competed in Michinoku Pro Wrestling, Yuta wrestled against the likes of the Great Sasuke, Ultimo Dragon, Dick Togo and many other legends. He was originally trained by Drew Gulak before heading to Japan.

In addition to competing on the Michinoku Pro circuit, Jimmy trained in the organization’s dojo. Mentored by Jinsei “Hakushi” Shinzaki, Jimmy is a fan favorite. Yuta, despite being in his early 20s, is already a fundamentally proficient grappler.

One of today’s most promising prospects, Yuta impresses with his speed, innovation and aerial ability.