CE8A7720Height: 5’9″
Weight: 199 lbs.
Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ
Style: Hardcore
Signature Move: Moonsault Foot Stomp and Top Rope Elbow Smash


He’s dangerous. He’s controversial. And he doesn’t give a damn! He’s “Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

Rocking Pit Viper shades, a leather jacket and pack of smokes, Janela doesn’t care for authority or his opponents. An extreme athlete, Janela has a reputation for wild fights and will often employs insane tactics to get the win.

Since debuting in MLW, the Asbury Park, N.J. native has been a wildcard, often injecting himself in the middle of chaos. Sending shockwaves throughout the league, Janela is unapologetically fearless. In fact, ESPN once called his style: high-risk, high-reward.

When not finding a fight or causing mischief, Janela enjoys drinking beers, kissing girls and finding more mischief to get into. His partner in crime is often Aria Blake, who left a promising broadcasting career in MLW to become the Bad Boy’s partner in crime and manager.

Wherever “Bad Boy” Joey Janela goes, controversy follows. And this loose cannon could not care less!