CE8A7720Height: 5’9″
Weight: 199 lbs.
Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ
Style: Hardcore
Signature Move: Moonsault Foot Stomp and Top Rope Elbow Smash

He’s dangerous, he’s controversial and he doesn’t give a damn. He’s “Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

Rocking Pit Viper shades, a leather jacket and pack of smokes, Janela doesn’t care for authority or his opponents.  An extreme athlete, Janela has a reputation for wild fights where he often employs insane tactics to get the win.

Since debuting in MLW, the Asbury Park native has been a wild card, often injecting himself in the middle of chaos.  Sending shockwaves throughout the league, Janela is unapologetically fearless. In fact, ESPN once called his style: high-risk, high-reward.

When not finding a fight or causing mischief, Janela enjoys drinking beers, kissing girls and finding more mischief to get into.

A loose cannon, wherever “The Bad Boy” goes controversy follows – and he could care less!