CE8A2370.jpgHeight: 5’10”
Weight: 205 lbs.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Style: Dong Style
Signature Moves: Sweet Tooth Music (Superkick, preceded by putting a lollipop in the opponent’s mouth); End Scene (Kimura with bodyscissors); Mustache Ride (Super swinging neckbreaker)

An icon of sleaze, the globetrotting Joey Ryan comes to MLW oozing success and a generous coating of baby oil.

An advocate for sleaze, Ryan is known for viral videos flexing some muscle as well as his in-ring wedding proposal. Controversy often creates cash in this sport and that has held true for Joey Ryan who is one of the most popular middleweights in the sport.

Over the past few years, the California native has flipped the sport on its head with his outrageous and unorthodox approach to matches. Using his patented “dong style” to bait opponents into mind games, Ryan can put on quite a provocative show at the expense of his opponents.

With fans spilling over each other to be the recipient of Joey’s lollipop, which he often hands out before a match gets under way, a Joey Ryan match is unlike anything else you will see on an MLW card.

With his sights set on middleweight gold, Joey Ryan guarantees an explosive climax is on the horizon for the advocate of sleaze.