Konnan Bio
San Diego, Mexico City and Miami

Considered one of the biggest stars in the history of lucha libre, Konnan is one of the most influential luchadores in the history of the sport.

Shattering box office records as a perennial main eventer in Mexico, Konnan co-founded AAA while acting as the guiding light of some of today and tomorrow’s emerging top luchadores.

These are just a few of the bullets on this Miami native’s resume, which is decorated with accomplishments. Konnan’s hustled and headlined both in the United States as well as blazed a hall of fame career in Mexico. Konnan has no doubt seen and done it all and along the way sparked a few controversies. Just remember: he’s stating; not hating.

Known for having a keen eye for talent and a great mind for the sport, Konnan is also the man responsible for introducing the world to the likes of Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix, who he now advises in MLW.