Height: 5’8”
Weight: 174 lbs.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Style: Strong Style
Signature Moves: Dragon Clutch, Ki Krusher

Pound-for-pound, Low Ki is one of the most dangerous fighters in the sport.

Employing knockout power with his quick, vicious strikes, Low Ki is capable of ending any match at any time. Not only does Low Ki utilize explosive kicks, he is also the master of an array of chops, submission holds and moves executed with precision second to none.

A devout martial artist since childhood, Low Ki blends various martial arts techniques and disciplines, making him a challenge for adversaries of any size, regardless of their fighting system.

Ruthless as he is dangerous, Low Ki sent shockwaves throughout MLW in 2004 when he aligned himself with Gary Hart as the collective introduced Black Friday Management to the world.

Today, Low Ki remains a charter member of BFM, with the organization emerging as one of the most successful and mysterious international management groups in the sport.

With Black Friday’s ominous presence in the league, Low Ki and Black Friday could rock MLW to its very foundation.

You can learn more about BFM at: http://www.blackfridaymanagement.com.