Marko Stunt bio.pngHeight: 5’2″
Weight: 144 lbs.
Hometown: Olive Branch, MS
Style: High Flying

Nicknamed “Mr Fun Size”, the pint size pro wrestler is a treat to watch.  Using his speed and small stature to elude and overwhelm his adversaries, Marko Stunt will leave you awe-struck if you have the chance to see him wrestle.  

Hailing from Olive Branch, Mississippi, Marko hopes to usher in a new era of mid south wrestler. Fearless and full of heart, Marko Stunt is a spectacular underdog at just 144 pounds.

Employing a high-octane offense, the nimble and enigmatic newcomer is known to blitz opponents with aerial attacks.  Relatively new to the sport, Stunt’s arsenal and strategies remain a wild card.  Any and EVERYTHING is possible when Stunt is in an MLW ring.

Will anyone be able to catch the evasive and innovative Marko Stunt? Not if Olive Branch, Mississippi’s favorite wrestler has anything to say about it!