Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona
Matt Cardona

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 224 lbs.
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Style: Technical
Signature Moves: Radio Silence

Step into the world of Matt Cardona, the self-proclaimed “Internet Icon” who’s left a digital trail of chaos and charisma throughout Major League Wrestling. With a social media following that’d make influencers jealous, this self-proclaimed sports entertainer boasts about slaying opponents and trolls alike with the same swagger. Whether in the ring or on X, Cardona’s brash persona and flair for theatrics makes him a polarizing figure—a fact that he seems to revel in.

Sitting high on his throne as the crown jewel of the World Titan Federation, this WTF Superstar® is a larger-than-life persona isn’t just confined to the squared circle; it spills over into every selfie, tweet, and Instagram Reel he makes, ensuring that Cardona’s presence is always felt and talked about.

When Cardona strolled into MLW as the first pick of the Open Draft’23, it was like a hurricane of arrogance and showmanship hit the league. Love him or hate him, Cardona’s debut marked the beginning of a new era, the era of the World Titan Federation, under the watch of legitimate promoter Saint Laurent.

Say what you will about Matt Cardona, but the WTF Superstar® knows how to entertain. In the world of sports entertainment, Cardona is the guy who isn’t just out there to wrestle; he’s out there to put on a damn show.

“Alwayz ready,” always hated, Cardona’s swagger comes with a side of disdain, and he’s okay with that. Hated by some, loved by others, he chalks it up to jealousy over his golden tan, sweet house in Florida featuring an infinity pool… and his undeniable success. The more you hate, the more Cardona seems to thrive, turning the negativity into fuel to keep the fire burning.

As Cardona strides into the future of MLW, “Alwayz Ready” remains more than just a catchphrase—it’s a declaration. The crown jewel of the World Titan Federation is here to stay, leaving an indelible mark on the wrestling world, one tweet and title at a time.