CE8A4540Height: 6’2”
Weight: 244 lbs.
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Style: Brawler
Signature Moves: Split-legged moonsault

Since the 1990s, stories about Pierre Carl Ouellet’s toughness were shared in locker rooms and filtered through wrestling crowds all over the world. Tales of his toughness in the ring, how he lost his vision in one eye and his reputation as a street fighter away from the ring became that of urban legend.

And while the legend of PCO grew over the past 2 decades, very rarely did anyone see the barrel chested wrecking ball in action.

That all changed in 2018.

For most his age, his would be the twilight of a career in the sport. In the case of PCO, he has been reincarnated and reinvigorated.

As the world watched via social media, PCO shared his Frankenstein-like journey to return from the dead.

Reborn in terrifying fashion in a dank, dreary Quebec basement, PCO often undergoes ritualistic experimental training for his matches. The results of that training have shocked the world and disturbed his opponents.

This Montreal monster claims he is not human and he may be right. However, there seems to be a method to his madness as PCO is back, stronger than ever and dominating the competition.