Height: 5’11″
Weight: 95 kg.
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Style: Lucha Libre
Signature Move: Pentagon Driver, Fear Factor, The Sacrifice (Hammerlock Inverted Armbreaker)

He’s the most popular Mexican luchador in the sport. He’s one-half of the World Tag Team Champions. He’s Pentagon Jr.

The temperature drops when Pentagon Jr. enters arenas.  Donning a ninja mask as a nod to his time in the far east, along with ice-cold blue eyes that accompany his zombie war paint, no one can top Pentagon’s intimidation through mind games.

Living by the code of “Ciero Miedo” (zero fear), Pentagon Jr. fights without fear. In and out of the ring, Pentagon demonstrates his “Ciero Miedo) credo and the results speak for themselves.

From crippling opponents with his unique arm-breaker, called The Sacrifice, to blinding adversaries with mist, there may be no more dangerous fighter in the sport.

Pentagon is indeed dominant in both singles and tag team action. Pentagon can often be found teaming with his brother Rey Fenix. Together, Pentagon and Fenix are known as the Lucha Bros. There may be no better tag team in the sport.

Pentagon has trained extensively in several disciplines of fighting in the far east. He blends martial arts and lucha libre to make him an unpredictable encounter for most wrestlers.

Using a mysterious Santeria-based mist, Pentagon is a mysteriously dark and sinister force.

With no remorse for hurting anyone who gets in his way, Pentagon Jr. truly is one of the most feared fighters in the world.