Height: 6’
 253 lbs.
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Signature Move: Evenflow DDT

A dark, twisted and cunning mastermind of torment, Raven has returned to MLW. After nearly 20 years away, Raven vows to spill blood, just as he did years ago with some of the most iconic and extreme moments in pro wrestling.

Known for an uncanny high threshold for pain, Raven is as cerebral as he is sinister. 

With a blood-splattered resume of violent feuds in MLW dating back to 2003, including against the likes of Vampiro and CM Punk, among others, Raven is a dangerous and unrelenting force.

Emerging as a part of The Calling, alongside Rickey Shane Page, AKIRA and numerous still unknown gas mask cloaked individuals, The Calling are responsible for countless attacks on the roster.

Leaving an ominous calling card in their wake, the enigmatic Calling have cast a dark, smokey shadow over the league.

With The Calling now in MLW, trust in Raven that carnage and chaos are guaranteed.