Sam Adonis

Sam Adonis
Sam Adonis

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 251 lbs.
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Style: Lucha Libre, Technical
Signature Moves: Orange Blossom Thunder Driver

A perennial main eventer in Mexico, Sam Adonis was once described by a Mexican tabloid as “the most hated man in Mexico.” Now he’s gone Major League.

Standing 6’4″, the Pittsburgh showboat’s big mouth and unapologetic attitude have helped launch him into stardom.

Flagrantly breaking the rules in bouts, Adonis can back up his trash talking, unleashing 450 splashes, brainbusters and his signature Orange Blossom Thunder Driver.

Forever hated by Mexican fans for defeating Blue Panther and taking his hair in a high profile Luchas de Apuestas, Adonis thrives on the shock and scandal of his fame and success.

This would prove true with Ultmo Dragon. Adonis spent time at the Toryumon Mexico promotion, where he feuded with Dragon. The feud would would cross continents, with Dragon and Adonis clashing in All Japan, where Adonis would shockingly rip the mask off of the Japanese icon.

Ruthless in and away from the ring, this abrasive heat seeker can switch-up styles from lucha to brawling to whatever it takes to get the win.

Now Mexico’s top rudo enters Major League Wrestling ready to ignite a trailblazing path like only the “American Arrogant” can.