Samu & Lance Anoa’i

SIT BIO.pngHeight: 6’2” (Samu) & 6’1″ (Lance)
Weight: 502 lbs.
Hometown: Samoa (fighting out of Allentown, PA)
Style: Brawling
Signature Move: Samoan Spike, Samoan Splash, Double Headbutt

For over 50 years, the Anoa’i family has collected more tag team championships than any other family in the sport. Now they look to do so in the form of the father and son team of Samu and Lance Anoa’i.

Representing one of the sport’s greatest wrestling families, the elder Samu is a tag team specialist.  First competing as a member of the Samoan Island Tribe dating back to 2003 in MLW alongside Mana and Eki “Umaga” Fatu, Samu has also anchored the Samoan Swat Team in WCW and Samoan Gangsta Party in ECW.

Samu is universally feared in the sport. One of the toughest guys you will ever come across.  In the mid 1990s, Samu was attacked in a parking lot and stabbed in the neck and fought off the attackers and STILL wrestled that night. That’s how tough he is.

His son, Lance, grew up in the sport.  Doing 450º splashes before kindergarten, Lance could out-wrestle most on the regional circuit by the time he was in middle school.  A humble but tenacious grappler, Lance carries the heavy expectations of being the next Samoan athlete to achieve greatness in wrestling.

One of the key advantages this team has over their adversaries is their uncanny chemistry.  Combining a veteran’s wisdom with the speed and innovation of the new era Anoa’i grappler, Samu & Lance make for a formidable team.

The only father and son team in MLW, Samu and Lance hope to replicate Samu’s father/son team-up from the mid 1980s when as a teenager himself, he teamed with his father Afa to win tag team title gold… and if the family’s track record is a good indication their future as a unit is bright.