Height: 6’1”
Weight: 221 lbs.
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Style: Catch Wrestling

Arguably the sneakiest member of Team Filthy, Simon Gotch is a dangerous grappler known to shutdown opponents when the action hits the mat.

Having been awarded numerous jiu-jitsu belts from Seth Petruzelli’s MMA Jungle Gym, Gotch is an accomplished grappler that tends to lean on the side of breaking the rules.

A submission wrestling expert, Simon Gotch calls himself a “tag team whisper,” known for anchoring dominant tag teams wherever he goes.

A loyal member of Team Filthy, a notorious fight group captained by “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Gotch can often be found helping teammates by holding their fight banner before a match… or lending a hand during an encounter.

With his unsettling mustache, sneaky tactics and vicious submission skills, Simon Gotch is not a wrestler to take lightly… especially with Team Filthy lurking ringside.