Slice Boogie

Slice Boogie
Slice Boogie

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 244 lbs.
Hometown: Queens, NY
Style: Brawler

Born and raised in Queens, NY, the “King of the Concrete Jungle,” got his name the hard way: he earned on the streets. Growing up on the street, Slice is raw, ruthless and shows no remorse when the bell rings or someone dares to disrespect him away from ring.

After getting into trouble and looking for a fresh start, Slice moved to LA in 2015 and soon thereafter began pursuing a career of fighting in the squared circle.

A no nonsense brawler, Slice is notorious for his brutal and blunt style, pummeling victims into a pulp.

Affiliated with the 5150 gang, Slice represents his roots every time he gets into the ring. Leaving nothing to spare, Slice is an unrelenting force with no off switch.

You best come correct, or you will end up face down on the sidewalk, courtesy of Slice Boogie.