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Collecting championships from Mexico to the United Kingdom, Bandido now has MLW’s most cherished gold on his mind. Grabbing this prize wouldn’t just bring him bragging rights for AAA and his homeland but make him the World Champion.

Learn more at: https://t.co/InRz3oF1Hz. https://t.co/7k3mQDse4R
Attention members of the media:

MLW has opened the press box where members of the media can receive press releases, request credentials for upcoming fights and events as well as have a line of communication with the league.

Sign-up and learn more: https://t.co/LE6vnnddDd
How to watch MLW on cable, dish or streaming in 20+ countries: https://t.co/AreoNbZ5M6 📺 https://t.co/tPHThPjJTb
https://t.co/ByFMF5vDx2 can confirm the grandest lucha libre organization in the world, Lucha Libre AAA, will participate in the 2022 Super Series on September 18. https://t.co/2NPQvB6O7Q
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MLW14 hours ago

Could Alicia Atout be signing more fighters to manage? #rumors

MLW1 day ago

MLW returns this fall. What's your predictions for the next season of Major League Wrestling?

MLW3 days ago

A legend of the sport, the "godfather of grappling" passes at 89...


MLW3 days ago
MLW4 days ago

AAA's Bandido goes for gold September 18 in Atlanta...


MLW4 days ago

Atlanta's debut will see AAA participation in the supercard summit...


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