CE8A7183Hometown: New York, NY

For years Stokely Hathaway’s vision has made promoters wealthy in the U.S. and abroad. Now he does it for Black Friday Management and its clients.

According to Black Friday’s web site, Mr. Hathaway joined BFM with a mission to change the promoter/wrestler dynamic while opening up non-traditional revenue streams for the company and its clients.  Quickly, the Manhattan native made good on his strategy leading to his rapid rise within Black Friday Management where he now serves in a senior role.

Focused on a ruthless approach to his business and showcasing the next generation of wrestlers, Mr. Hathaway firmly believes in the mantra of power, money and respect.

Now, Mr. Hathaway looks towards the future: multi-million dollar box offices, creating long lasting legacies for his charge of grapplers and expanding Black Friday’s grip on a global basis both in and out of the fight game.

​Mr. Hathaway has become a leader in the promoting and fighter management fields of pro wrestling with unparalleled success.  Hathaway is “a hard working hustler.”

Indeed, Mr. Hathaway and the BFM team will do what it takes bring the money, gold, big contracts, respect, and last but not least power to their side. Sometimes it takes violence. Sometimes it takes money. Sometimes it takes both. But who argues with success and results? Not BFM.

A self proclaimed innovator, Mr. Hathaway is actively changing combat sports, brokering deals that enable Black Friday Management as a third party to independently promote talent within MLW.

Granted promoting and managerial licenses for activity in Major League Wrestling, Mr. Hathaway’s presence has been felt like few before him.

Disappearing under mysterious circumstances in the Spring of 2018, Mr. Hathaway recently resurfaced. What’s next? Only time will tell.