The Dirty Blondes


Weight: 601 lbs.
Hometown: The Great Port of Tampa, FL
Style: Brawlers
Signature Move: Spike Piledriver, The Bleach Job (Double Alabama Slam)
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These self-proclaimed “refined southern gentlemen” are anything but!

Spitting tobacco in the face of their opponents while employing dirty and illegal tactics in their matches, the ill-behaved Leo Brien and Michael Patrick are quite possibly the most-hated wrestlers in Major League Wrestling.

Managed by the great southern wrestling promoter and manager Colonel Robert Parker, the Dirty Blondes are nasty but effective brawlers, which has made them a force in the tag team division.

Traveling to MLW events in their Stud Stable branded RV, the Dirty Blondes are known to cause a commotion wherever they turn up.

Trained by Steve Keirn, these southern boys are a force to reckon with as the frontline of Colonel Parker’s Stud Stable in MLW.