Zachary Cooper

Height: 6’3
Weight: 267 lbs.
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Style: Hybrid
Signature Moves: Discus Boot

The “Bluechip beast” mixes a cerebral approach to combat that makes his massive heavyweight frame dangerous.

A globetrotting grappler, Cooper has competed extensively in Europe.

With tours of the United Kingdom as well as Germany’s wXw, Cooper has impressed many with his athletic ability and dominance against veterans on the European circuit and stateside.

“Zachary Cooper is a throwback to the days of the big men that Bruno Sammartino battled,” said MLW CEO and Founder Court Bauer. “Mix in a state-of-the-art arsenal and the agility of a luchador and you have a new era heavyweight. Cooper could very well be the next big thing in the sport.”

A native of Tampa, Florida, the 22-year old FAU graduate played football and has a background in kickboxing.

Now Cooper embarks on a conquest of utter destruction as he marches towards his quest for championship gold in Major League Wrestling.