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Sports Illustrated Goes 1-on-1 with MJF

As originally published by Sports Illustrated on Wednesday September 27, 2017.

In addition to stars like Ricochet and MVP, MLW’s One-Shot on October 5 is also highlighting wrestling’s future stars, including 21-year-old Maxwell J. Friedman. MJF wrestles Jimmy Yuta at One-Shot.

“Last week, Jimmy Yuta was compared to Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat,” said Friedman. “That’s high praise, and I cannot take that away from him. Yet I’m the guy people compare to Ric Flair.”

“I won’t take anything away from Jimmy Yuta,” said Friedman. “He is a great competitor. But I’m the top guy, the guy who comes home with the most money, and the guy who comes home with the win.”

MLW president Court Bauer has built a card set to deliver a variety of different wrestling skillsets, and Friedman adds a new dimension as a young, cocky heel who can work.

“I didn’t reach out to MLW,” said Friedman. “They got in touch with me. That’s how it works with superstars. Court Bauer is incredibly talented and I’ve already learned a lot from him, but he’s also learned a thing or two from me. I’m a top-notch marketer. This is called One-Shot for a reason. This is a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity for the fans to see MJF at MLW. Now it’s the biggest deal, because MJF is on the bill.”

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