Tag Team match signed for MLW: Never Say Never

“Silverback” Seth Petruzelli and Rhett Giddins look to establish their newly formed team as true contenders next week as they take on Leo Brien and Michael Patrick – collectively known as the Dirty Blondes on December 7th at Orlando’s Gilt Nightclub.

Trained by Steve Keirn, league scouts tout the Blondes as classic southern brawlers.  Often shutting down their opponents with crisp fundamental tag team strategies, the Dirty Blondes win a high percentage of their matches using a version of the spike piledriver.

Prior to competing in MLW, the Dirty Blondes competed throughout the Florida regional circuit and Puerto Rico.

Petruzelli and Giddins showed considerable potential in their first outing as a team at MLW: One-Shot, combining power with striking and submissions to overwhelm their adversaries en route to victory.

See tag team competition live in Orlando December 7th as MLW returns with Never Say Never! Buy your tickets here.