ACH debuts next Thursday in Orlando

League sources this morning confirmed that Texas high-flyer ACH will make his debut next Thursday in Orlando at MLW: Road to the World Championship.  

Known for bombarding adversaries with a variety of 450º splashes and signature moves like the Dragon Ball Z (multiple elbows to a cornered opponent followed by a running thrust attack), ACH has wowed crowds from stateside to Japan as well as Mexico.

Now in MLW, ACH looks to quickly climb the rankings.

“When I first saw ACH, I was blown away. He’s a dynamic athlete with a crazy vertical leap and crazy striking ability. He’s the evolution of the modern day wrestler,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer.

While rumors are swirling about his opponent at MLW: Road to the World Championship, one thing is a lock: fans are in for a super night as ACH takes flight on February 8th in Orlando for Major League Wrestling.

Buy tickets and see ACH live at Gilt Nightclub in Orlando.