One wrestler comes from wrestling royalty.  The other comes from a family in the top 1 percent in wealth. MLW today announced Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Lance Anoa’i for next Thursday in Orlando at MLW: Spring Break ’18 hosted by Gilt Nightclub.

“Having an uncle like the Rock is cool. Know what’s cooler? Having a father whose hedge fund manages $8 billion in wealth for clients,” said Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Samu, Lance Anoa’i looks to make a big splash in MLW when he debuts on March 8th in Orlando at Gilt Nightclub.

Lance becomes the first second generation wrestler to compete in MLW (and a fourth generation wrestler), with his father Samu competing in MLW from 2002-04 as part of the Samoan Island Tribe with Mana and Ekmo Fatu (Umaga).

A member of the Samoan dynasty which includes the likes of the Wild Samoans, High Chief Peter Maivia, The Rock, Umaga, the Usos, the Samoan Swat Team and many others, Anoa’i has big sandals to fill but prefers to prove it with his in-ring game and rejects the typical hype and pageantry accompanying such a newcomer.

“I remember seeing Lance doing moonsaults when he was 5 years old – and he would hit a hell of a moonsault even back then,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer.  “His nickname ‘The Future’ is accurate.  Lance Anoa’i is a natural with a bright future in this sport.”

See the Major League Wrestling debut of Lance Anoa’i LIVE on March 8!

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