FUSION Recap for May 4, 2018


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There were more questions than answers on an action-packed episode of Major League Wrestling: FUSION this week. How long is Low Ki suspended for? How far will Jimmy Havoc and “Bad Boy“ Joey Janela take their violent feud? Is there a new member of the Stud Stable? How far is too far for Sami Callihan? One question was answered, however. This week, saw the first-ever Major League Wrestling Top 10 ranking. 

Havoc raises hell
Fusion opened with Jimmy Havoc heading to the ring to call out Joey Janela. Havoc and Janela were involved in a backstage altercation at WaleMania IV in New Orleans. Janela, who is never one to back down, was more than ready to go toe-to-toe with Havoc once again. 

As Janela and Havoc battled throughout the arena, there was another surprise headed toward the ring.

Low Ki Returns
Despite his suspension for attacking a Major League Wrestling official, Low Ki found his way into the building. The charter member of Black Friday Management proceeded to protest his suspension and go on a rant about collecting debts, calling out MVP in the process. 

Once again, things were about to heat up in the ring. But MVP didn’t make it to the ring.

The Devious Desperado
Perhaps it was the Top 10 rankings being unveiled. Perhaps it was taking advantage of an opportunity. Nobody truly knows or understands Sami Callihan’s motivations. As MVP was attempting fight through security to get to Low Ki, the “Worldwide Desperado” attacked, gaining a possible advantage in his main event matchup with MVP later in the show.

Callihan choked MVP down with his ever-present baseball bat, intimidated MLW security forces and shouted “All hail Callihan!” before disappearing backstage.

ACH pinned Simon Gotch (subbing for “Filthy” Tom Lawlor)
ACH was scheduled to compete with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, who came to the ring with Team Filthy. Despite being cleared by MLW and UFC doctors, Lawlor claimed he hasn’t fully recovered from his broken arm. Lawlor claimed ACH would have to face off with Simon Gotch if he wants to get a piece of Team Filthy.

ACH had prepared for Lawlor’s MMA style, but used his high-flying, high-impact style to hold his own. Gotch unleashed a thunderous kick to ACH’s chest to gain the advantage and attempted to follow up with a gut-wrench suplex. But ACH reverse it and rolled up “The Great Gotch“ for the pinfall victory. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Team Filthy, who hit the ring and beat down ACH. This may not be the end of the ACH-Team Filthy situation. Tune in next week for more on this rivalry.

Top 10 Time
The heavily anticipated, first-ever Major League Wrestling Top 10 was revealed on this week’s episode. Here’s a look at where the top stars of MLW stack up, according to league officials:

World Heavyweight Champion – Shane “Swerve” Strickland
1. Pentagon Jr.
2. Jimmy Havoc
3. MVP
4. Low Ki
5. Tom Lawlor
6. Sami Callihan
7. Rey Fenix
8. Jeff Cobb
9. Joey Janela
10. Barrington Hughes

Powerful Parrow to Stud Stable?
Mike Parrow – the One Man Demolition Machine – faced off with Turkey’s Vandal Ortagun, as both made their FUSION debut. Early in the match, southern manager and promoter Col. Robert Parker made his way out to observe the match. Shortly after Col. Parker appeared, Parrow viciously powerbombed Ortagun for dominant pinfall victory. The leader of the Stud Stable seemed to take delight in Parrow’s total demolition of Ortagun.

As Parrow headed back to the locker room, Col. Parker greeted him and offered a handshake. After a few seconds of deliberation, Parrow accepted the handshake and the two walked off together. Could the Stud Stable be growing? 

Sami Callihan defeated MVP
MVP was so incensed from Callihan’s earlier attack, he didn’t even wait for his entrance music. MVP hit the ring just moments after Callihan and the fight was under way. This bout was a back-and-forth encounter, with multiple near falls and the grapplers doing plenty of battle both in and out of the ring.

With senior referee Frank Gastineau slumped in the corner after a collision with Callihan, MVP hit the Drive By Kick and the Playmaker. But a rather large individual stormed the ring, hitting a chokeslam on MVP. The mystery man drug Callihan on top of MVP for the 1-2 … but MVP kicked out! 

With the official admonishing Callihan’s seeming accomplice on the outside, the Worldwide Desperado kicked MVP in the crotch. The low blow led to Callihan administering the Cradle Killer and picking up the victory.

Next Friday on FUSION
Next week’s main event will pit “England’s Most Dangerous Man” against “Bad Boy” Joey Janela. How will these two of the most unpredictable men in all of professional wrestling settle their feud? In other action, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is once again scheduled to wrestle ACH next week. Will Lawlor finally face ACH? Will the Super one pick up another victory Team Filthy? 

Don’t Miss The Action!
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