FUSION Recap for May 11, 2018


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There was mayhem in the ring and backstage on this week’s episode of Major League Wrestling: FUSION. Jimmy Havoc and “Bad Boy” Joey Janela held nothing back as they went to war in a Bogus Adventure Match. 

In the most shocking moment since MLW premiered, World Heavyweight Champion Shane “Swerve” Strickland was seeing red after an altercation with Salina de la Renta and Pentagon Jr.  and the consequences for both are dire.

And yes, some “Filthy” tactics led to the decision in this week’s opening match on FUSION, as we head to the ring…

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated ACH
Tom Lawlor lived up to his “Filthy” nickname and reputation before the match even began, pulling his mouthguard out of his trunks and placing it in his mouth. Lawlor had the upper hand for most of the match, using ground and pound tactics, along with attempting numerous submission holds. ACH finally used one of his vast array of counters to gain the advantage. ACH landed a low dropkick with Lawlor on the mat and followed with a German suplex into a bridge that led to a near fall for ACH. 

But just as ACH built momentum toward a potential victory, Team Filthy distracted ACH. Lawlor took advantage, hitting ACH in the back of the head with his surgically repaired (and enhanced) left forearm. Lawlor then slapped on a rear-naked choke on an already unconscious ACH to pick up the victory as senior official Frank Gastineau stopped the match.

Swerve Feeling Misty?
As announcers Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini were wrapping up the highlights of Lawlor’s victory over ACH, they quickly threw it to a camera backstage, where Salina de la Renta, the impresaria of Promociones Dorado, had some words for World Heavyweight Champion Shane “Swerve” Strickland. The leading promoter of Latin American talent in the world of professional wrestling had promised Strickland a surprise … and Pentagon Jr. delivered it for her.

Swerve had some choice words for de la Renta but as the champion turned around, Pentagon Jr. spewed a mysterious red mist into the champion’s face. Strickland immediately collapsed to the floor, clutching at his eyes and face. It seems any potential rivalry between Strickland and Pentagon Jr. has now become personal.  The question is: how toxic and damaging was the red mist to Strickland’s eyes?  We simply don’t know right now.

MJF pinned Fred Yehi
Maxwell J. Friedman, better known as MJF, and the man of 1000 counters Fred Yehi faced off in their respective debuts on FUSION. MJF came to the ring with his trademark Burberry scarf and immediately showed his disdain for the MLW fans in attendance. He even got into it with the announce team. On the other hand, Yehi immediately had the sold-out MLW crowd in his corner. 

Yehi was favoring his left arm for much of the match, but still managed to hit a huge German suplex on MJF to gain an early advantage. However, MJF capitalized on the injured arm and went to work on it with arm bars, stomps and elbow strikes. Yehi rebounded with a dropkick and stomp to Friedman’s back, later earning a near fall following a dragon suplex. Yehi was rolling toward a possible victory. But MJF pulled the official in front of him in the corner to shield himself from an oncoming Yehi. 

With Yehi’s momentum halted, MJF took advantage. He raked Yehi’s eyes and rolled him up, securing the pinfall with a handful of Yehi’s tights. Following the match, MJF once again derided the Major League Wrestling crowd, ultimately finishing his post-match interview by stating: “My name is Maxwell J. Friedman and I’m better than you … and you know it.”


Pentagon sanctioned for attack on Strickland
Right before the main event, the broadcast team shared that league officials had condemned Pentagon’s attack on Strickland and had stripped him of his world title shot.  If he wants another opportunity to become champion, he will have to face his own brother next week in a double jeopardy match where the winner will go on to face Strickland.  Will Pentagon triumph or will Fenix rise up the rankings and fight Strickland for the World title in 2 weeks?  We’ll find out next week!

Jimmy Havoc pinned Joey Janela (with Aria Blake) in a Bogus Adventure Match
In this week’s main event, England’s Most Dangerous Man and professional wrestling’s Bad Boy threw everything but the kitchen sink at one another in a “Bogus Adventure” match. The bad blood between Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela started with an altercation in New Orleans at WaleMania IV and it continued onto FUSION. 


Janela had the early advantage, flying into Havoc with a suicide dive into the crowd. Janela threw a chair at Havoc’s head and suplexed him onto another steel seat in the audience. And all that happened within the first two minutes of the no-disqualification contest! After surviving Janela’s early onslaught, Havoc discovered a door and a trio of chairs, which all ended up in the ring. 

The two unpredictable stars used those three chairs (and numerous others) as weapons throughout the match. Janela even landed a swanton bomb onto a chair that was laying across Havoc’s chest. The Bad Boy later nearly decimated Havoc with a piledriver on a pile of chairs.

Havoc eventually turned the tables on Janela – quite literally. The Bad Boy attempted a top rope senton bomb with Havoc prone on a table. But Havoc moved at the last second and the full weight of Janela exploded through the table. Moments later, a most excellent moment happened as Havoc drop-kicked his opponent through a door.  YES.  A DOOR!  Havoc remained on the attack, rocking Janela with a Death Valley Driver onto a pile of chairs. With Janela reeling, Havoc finished him with the Acid Rainmaker to secure the victory. 

But any thoughts of celebration for Havoc were short-lived. As he stumbled outside following the victory, Havoc inadvertently bumped into Lawlor and got blood on Lawlor’s warm-up jacket. The leader of Team Filthy and his crew took exception, pummeling Havoc and tossing him in a ditch outside the venue as this week’s episode of FUSION went off the air.


Next Week
Following the actions of de la Renta and Pentagon Jr., league officials have signed a DOUBLE JEOPARDY #1 Contender’s match. Pentagon Jr. will have to battle his own brother, Rey Fenix, next week on MLW: FUSION to retain his title shot against the World Champion. The winner of that matchup of sibling luchadores will take on Strickland in 2 weeks on FUSION. 

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