Fusion Recap – August 10, 2018


It was another jam-packed hour on MLW: FUSION Friday night. John Hennigan secured a World Title shot. Maxwell J. Friedman retained the World Middleweight Championship and stole someone’s girlfriend. We got a sneak peek of what some of the action could be like at War Games and Konnan continued to stir things up with Promociones Dorado.

John Hennigan defeated Teddy Hart
A shot at the World Heavyweight Championship was on the line as Teddy Hart and John Hennigan squared off in this week’s main event on MLW: FUSION.

The action was back and forth throughout much of the opening minutes of the match. Hart gained the first major advantage. Hennigan attempted to suplex him back into the ring from the apron, but Hart’s twisting counter brought Hennigan’s throat down across the top rope. Hennigan responded moments later with a massive superkick.

The duo ended up in the MLW Crash Zone with Hennigan hitting a modified corkscrew moonsault off the apron. Hennigan nailed a slingshot elbow drop from the outside of the ring to score a near fall. A crucifix driver also led to a Hennigan near fall.

But Hart hit a Code Red and followed with a Canadian Destroyer. That scored a two-count for Hart and momentum was back in the Canadian’s corner. Hart and Hennigan continued to battle in the crowd. Eventually, Hart was able to get Hennigan back into the ring with some serious offense, hitting a slingshot piledriver.

Hennigan later scored with a massive Spanish Fly off the top rope, but Hart kicked out at the last possible moment. Hart also kicked out of Starship Pain. When Hennigan went for another of his patented finishers, Hart countered and scored a DDT and followed up with a flurry of high-risk, high-impact maneuvers. But he couldn’t put Hennigan away.

Finally, “Johnny Fusion” scored the surprise pinfall as Hart went for a modified sunset flip maneuver in the corner. Hennigan countered, secured both legs and stunned Hart with a three-count while also securing a shot at the gold.


Lucha Bros. Tear It Up
Our own Kaci Lennox caught up to Konnan early in the show and asked him about his conversation with Rey Fenix and interaction with Salina de la Renta last week. The legendary luchadore told Lennox he’s looking out for Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, to “make sure no unscrupulous promoters or representatives take advantage of them.”

Low Ki, who has forged an alliance with Promciones Dorado and de la Renta, overheard and told Konnan that it “might be in your best interest to mind your own business.”

Konnan responded with a reference to contracts, telling Low Ki to read the fine print on his.

Later in the show, our cameras caught up with Konnan outside the Promociones Dorado locker room. Eventually, the World Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix – The Lucha Bros. – exited their locker room with papers (contracts?) in hand. The papers were then torn up as Penta and Rey embraced Konnan and walked away with him.


What does this mean for the Lucha Bros. relationship with de la Renta and Promociones Dorado? Stay tuned …

MJF Retains Middleweight Title, Kisses Aria Blake
Joey Janela was so ready to start his Falls Count Anywhere match for the World Middleweight Championship that he drug an official up the stairs backstage – with his girlfriend Aria Blake in tow – where they found champion Maxwell J. Friedman on the phone. Janela drug him out of the hallway he was in, nailed him with a couple fists and went for a quick pin. MJF kicked out and the match was on.

The match was five minutes old before any action even took place inside the ring. Of course, action didn’t stay in the ring long. Janela tossed MJF on the floor into the MLW Crash Zone, grabbed a fan’s seat, laid the steel chair across Friedman and then jumped off the apron onto the chair, scoring a near fall.

Finally, the two combatants – once again with Aria Blake close behind – ended up on the stage/entrance to the arena. There, MJF begged for some mercy from Janela. The Bad Boy continued his assault, scoring a back body drop on the stage. As he faced Blake and asked for a celebratory kiss, the Bad Boy’s girlfriend proved to be a Bad Girl.

Blake nailed Janela – who is now apparently her ex-boyfriend — over the head with a bottle, allowing Friedman to roll over and score the pinfall to retain his title.

But what happened after the match was decided may have been the most shocking turn of events. For months now, it has seemed that Blake was disgusted by MJF. But that has all gone out the window as the two shared a passionate kiss before heading backstage hand in hand.


Sullivan Confronts Pillman
Just last week, we saw Brian Pillman Jr. talking with his mentor Kevin Sullivan. It ended with a pledge of respect from Pillman to Sullivan. But after Sullivan saw video of Pillman hanging out with Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. in Calgary, calling themselves the New Era Hart Foundation, Sullivan had some advice for Pillman backstage.

“Teddy isn’t the kind of guy you want to be hanging around with,” Sullivan said.

Pillman told his “big brother” that he was simply paying respect to some guys who have had similar life experiences. Unfortunately, we didn’t learn what ultimately came of the conversation. Sullivan realized they were on camera and asked for privacy, which MLW’s cameraman graciously granted.

Where does Pillman stand with Hart and Smith? How does Pillman’s relationship with Sullivan play into the situation? We’ll continue to keep an eye on this developing story.

Barrington Hughes defeated Leon Scott by Disqualification
Just moments after hearing from Barrington Hughes, Kotto Brazil and Shane “Swerve” Strickland about battling Sami Callihan and the Death Machines at War Games, we got a bit of a preview of the upcoming battle in Ft. Lauderdale.

Hughes was about to pin Death Machine Leon Scott after hitting a massive side slam/elbow drop combination. But before the official’s arm came down for the 3-count, Death Machine Fulton attacked Hughes, causing a disqualification. When it looked as though Hughes was going to handle Fulton by himself, Callihan took matters into his own hands.


The Worldwide Desperado took down the Caramel Colossus with a baseball bat shot to the back of the head. As Callihan and the Death Machines beat on Barrington, Kotto Brazil stormed the ring with bat of his own, clearing Callihan and his crew. Kotto then challenged Callihan to a one-on-one matchup right then and there, leading to …

Sami Callihan defeated Kotto Brazil
Brazil had the early edge before the match was even made official. He dropkicked Callihan to the outside and hit a massive dive on Callihan, taking out the Death Machines with him. Back in the ring, Brazil went to the top rope looking for a missile dropkick. But Callihan saw it coming and countered into a modified powerbomb.

From there, Callihan was in control for much of the match, although Brazil did not go down without a fight. Callihan furthered the damage to Brazil’s back with a powerbomb onto the apron of the ring. Callihan added more punishment with a spinning DDT as Kotto’s legs were draped over the second rope. Callihan continued the onslaught, telling Brazil to “Stay down!”

Kotto showed great heart in a valiant effort, pulling out a desperation satellite DDT to turn momentum back in his favor. Brazil scored a handful of near falls with some innovative offense, including a Code Red. But Callihan finally overpowered Brazil, putting him down for a 3-count with a huge avalanche powerbomb, followed by the Cranial Contusion.


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