Fusion Recap: Nov. 9, 2018


An extremely controversial World Heavyweight Championship bout headlined this week’s edition of MLW FUSION. Meanwhile, the League’s other most prestigious singles title was on the line as well, as the World Middleweight Championship was defended in a triple threat match.

World Champion Low Ki faced off with Daga, who was presented as a hand-picked challenger by Konnan. While Low Ki retained the title, he nearly maimed the challenger in the process. Maxwell J. Friedman defended the World Middleweight title, but found himself in the middle of the Jimmy Yuta-Jason Cade feud at the same time. MJF came out with the belt, while Yuta and Cade still may not have settled their issues.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Low Ki defeated Daga
The feud between Konnan and Promociones Dorado/Salina de la Renta/World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki continues to intensify and this match did nothing to douse the flames. When Konnan convinced World Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix to leave Promociones Dorado, de la Renta threatened the Lucha Bros. and Konnan and carried through with those threats.

Low Ki and de la Renta bloodied Fenix and stole his mask. LA Park was brought in by Promociones Dorado and he took down Pentagon Jr. in a violent Mexican Massacre match. When Low Ki told Konnan anyone he brings from Mexico will fail, the legendary luchador scored a World Championship match for Mexican Strong Style fighter Daga.

Both fighters traded plenty of blows and chops. Much of the damage in this match was done on the outside of the ring. Low Ki nailed a drop kick on Daga’s head as it was resting against the steel guard rail. Daga later turned the tables with a nasty suplex on the floor that rattled the World Champ. A standing moonsault back inside the ring led to a near fall for Daga, but he couldn’t put Low Ki away. A suplex into a lunblower also scored a 2-count and Low Ki was on the ropes.

At that point, Promociones Dorado’s Sicario Ricky Martinez came out to confront Konnan. It also served to distract the official. Meanwhile, Low Ki saw an opening. The World Champ grabbed Daga’s ear and attempted to rip it off. He nearly succeeded, leaving Daga bloodied and screaming in the middle of the ring. With Daga incapacitated by the ear, Low Ki climbed to the top turnbuckle, delivered a double stomp to the back and scored the pinfall to retain his title.


World Middleweight Championship Match
MJF defeated Jason Cade and Jimmy Yuta

Led to the ring by his new girlfriend Aria Blake, World Middleweight Champion Maxwell J. Friedman squared off with former Team TBD members Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade in a three-way elimination contest. Prior to the matchup, MJF said he would let Yuta and Cade beat each other up and weaken each other, before picking up the victory.

MJF’s pre-match strategy was solid. Yuta opened the bout with a stiff kick to the jaw of Cade as soon as he heard the bell. Friedman even rolled out of the ring and allowed Yuta and Cade to fight without his presence in the ring, until finally Yuta scored with a dive through the ropes to draw MJF into the bout. Once MJF was pulled into the match, he formed a bit of an alliance with Cade and the two worked over Yuta.

The alliance was short-lived. Cade was holding Yuta to give MJF a free shot, but Yuta ducked and Friedman struck Cade. That’s when Cade’s bad attitude showed itself and he went after MJF. Not continuing to work with MJF cost Cade, who was eliminated first by a Yuta rollup, leaving Yuta and Friedman to battle for the title one on one.

Yuta had all the momentum. He scored on a modified sidewalk slam and may have had MJF pinned. But Aria Blake was distracting the official. Meanwhile, Cade ended up being an ally to MJF in the end, even if it was only due to his bad blood with Yuta. While the official was instructing Blake to get off the ring apron, Cade re-entered the ring and hit Yuta with a low blow.

That crotch shot was followed with Cade’s signature maneuver, Black Magic. All Friedman had to do was roll over on the fallen Yuta to score the three-count and retain the World Middleweight Champiosnhip.


Sullivan Speaks
MLW fans remember the brutal attack by the Hart Foundaton on Kevin Sullivan earlier this summer. Brian Pillman Jr.’s former mentor was viciously beaten by Pillman, Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Sullivan called in and spoke with our own Tony Schiavone during this week’s show.

Sullivan said the biggest obstacle he was facing now is dealing with concussion symptoms. Sullivan reiterated he didn’t believe his former protégé Pillman should be hanging around with Hart and Smith.

“I’m going to have to teach you a lesson,” Sullivan said. “It’s going to pain me, Brian. But if I don’t stop you. If I don’t crush the serpent and the egg, the serpent will get big and destroy itself.”

I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what that means. Stay tuned, fans …

Callihan Talks Lawlor, Chicago Street Fight
The Worldwide Desperado Sami Callihan submitted another one of his video productions to MLW FUSION this week. In advance of his upcoming Chicago Street Fight with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, he wanted to make sure the leader of Team Filthy was aware of his accomplishments.

“Anyone I set my sights on gets taken out,” Callihan said.

Callihan claimed responsibility for MVP’s absence from MLW. He took credit for Shane Strickland losing the World Heavyweight Championship. Callihan said he sent Jimmy Havoc back to England “in a pine box.”

While most of his rhetoric may have been a bit hyperbolic, there was a hint of truth to all of it. He then said if Promociones Dorado wants to keep sending him money to take people out, he’ll keep doing it. Now, he has his sights set on Lawlor. What will happen when these two meet in a Chicago Street Fight? Find out next week on MLW FUSION!


Myron Reed vs. Marko Stunt
Just one week after being on the losing end of a six-man tag team bout on MLW FUSION vs. the Hart Foundation, Marko Stunt was back for more this week. Mr. Fun Size faced another youthful up-and-comer in “Hot Fire” Myron Reed.

Reed used his size advantage to control the early action. Stunt scored a near fall after a nasty knee strike, but he was enamored with attempting to suplex Reed. Three different attempts failed, with the final one leading to the end. Reed reversed it into a cutter, left the ring and hit a flying cutter on Stunt for a near fall. Stunt had one last offensive burst. But when Reed was able to thwart and reverse a sunset flip attempt, the damage of the cutter was too much Stunt couldn’t kick out.


Miami Matches
The first set of matches has been announced for our December sojourn to South Florida!

On Dec. 13 at MLW Never Say Never, MJF will face off with the leader of Los Ingobernables, Rush. On Dec. 14 at MLW Zero Hour, the World Middleweight Championship will be contested in a 4-way ladder match. The champion MJF will put his title on the line against Marko Stunt, Kotto Brazil and Jason Cade.


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