Fusion Recap – Jan. 4, 2019


Teddy Hart rang in the New Year with a victory over Pentagon Jr. in non-title singles action this week on MLW FUSION. The match was a lead-up to the recently-announced MLW SuperFight World Tag Team Championship bout between the champion Lucha Bros. and the Hart Foundation.

Meanwhile, LA Park and Gringo Loco competed in a highly-entertaining match. While The Chairman came out victorious, the recently-signed Gringo Loco was impressive as well.

In addition to the in-ring action this week, we got updates from the injured Konnan and Kotto Brazil, both hurt at the hands of Promociones Dorado.

Teddy Hart defeated Pentagon Jr.
It was announced this week that the Hart Foundation would challenge the Lucha Bros. for the World Tag Team Championship at MLW SuperFight Feb. 2 in Philadelphia. Tonight on FUSION, one member of each group squared off in singles action.

In a non-title bout, World Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart defeated one half of the World Tag Team Champs Pentagon Jr. In a hard-hitting, fast-paced encounter, Hart was the aggressor early on, scoring a moonsault to the outside of the ring, among other impactful maneuvers.

Of course, Pentagon wasn’t going to go down that easily. He mounted some serious offense himself, scoring a number of near falls. But the Lucha Bro was out-numbered with his brother Rey Fenix out with an injury and Konnan recovering from the attack by Promociones Dorado. At one point, Penta was fighting with all three Hart Foundation members on the outside of the ring.


Hart scored with a  Canadian Destroyer/second-rope slingshot moonsault combo for a two-count. A few moments later, a massive lungblower gave Teddy the victory.


Will Hart’s win over Pentagon Jr. give the Hart Foundation momentum going into the World Tag Team Championship match? Will Hart even participate in that match? The Hart Foundation has yet to announce who their representatives will be. Stay tuned …

Konnan Calls In
Our own Rich Bocchini interviewed Konnan, who called in during this week’s episode. Konnan said he was recovering from kidney and liver injuries, as well as a concussion. But he vowed that the war between him and Low Ki, Salina de la Renta and Promociones Dorado was not over.

Kotto Brazil Update
Kotto Brazil is also recovering from injuries at the hands of Promociones Dorado. Wearing an eye patch due to injuries sustained in a fight with Ricky Martinez at a club, Brazil vowed to get retribution on Martinez.

“If you thought for one second that taking out my eye was going to take me out, you’ve got another thing coming,” Kotto exclaimed. “Kotto don’t play that! The next time I see you, I’m coming for your ass! I’ve only got one eye, but that eye is on you!”

LA Park defeated Gringo Loco
In an extremely entertaining and hotly-contested match, Gringo Loco gave LA Park all he wanted. The two battled for nearly 20 minutes to open this week’s show.

LA Park had the upper hand early and of course, there were chairs involved. With Gringo Loco incapacitated on the outside, LA Park grabbed a couple chairs from ringside and put them together. He then scored a massive powerbomb, driving Loco onto the unforgiving chairs.

Gringo Loco eventually recuperated and rallied. At one point, Loco was able to lay out LA Park on the stage/entrance way. He then climbed a lighting rig and hit a huge cross-body block on The Chairman. If it had been a falls-count-anywhere match, Loco may have scored the victory right there.


Back in the ring, LA Park wasn’t listening to senior official Frank Gastineau. As Gastineau tried to maneuver him out of the corner, Gringo Loco landed a kick to LA Park, who landed on the official. Loco went to the top, looking for a frog splash and hit it. But he hit it on Gastineau.


As Gringo Loco tried to tend to the fallen referee, LA Park hit a nasty spear. Gastineau had recovered just enough to administer the three-count for LA Park.


Yehi Challenges the Champ
While Low Ki has “Filthy” Tom Lawlor breathing down his neck, another member of Team Filthy called out the World Champion on this week’s show. Fred Yehi challenged Low Ki, who apparently quickly accepted.

Low Ki Addresses Lawlor
The World Champion gave mocking praise to Lawlor for besting numerous opponents over the last few months. But he was quick to remind Lawlor he believes he’s better than anyone Lawlor has faced in MLW.

“You think you’re the conqueror?” Low KI asked. “Well, I’m Genghis Khan!”

Next Week
As mentioned above, Low Ki quickly accepted Yehi’s challenge and League officials were quick to make the match. The returning Team Filthy member will get a shot at the Champ on next week’s show. In addition, Brian Pillman Jr. will continue his rivalry with Tommy Dreamer. But this time, the duo will face off in a Singapore Cane Match!

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